Fantasy Horror Arrives to Dead by Daylight with the New Dungeons & Dragons Content

A Killer with many names is here. Behaviour Interactive

A new chapter begins in Dead by Daylight and everyone is invited to experience the realm of fantasy horror. Dungeons & Dragons introduces a lot of new content to the game like a new survivor and new killer. There's also a new map to enjoy.

Let's start with the new Survivor who is Aestri Yazar. Along with her fellow bard Baermar Uraz, it's clear that there's more than music coursing through their veins. The duo are adventurers that have no fear and their entanglements with evil have long been immortalized in ballads across taverns far and wide. These two never fail to inspire even when it seems that all hope is lost.

A Killer with Many Names

The new Killer is The Lich. He is known by different names like "The Whispered One," "Lord of the Rotted Tower," and "The Master of Secrets." This is because there are few who are brave enough to speak his true name for fear that he may hear. The archlich Vecna is a calculated conqueror and a master of magic. He is relentless when it comes to his pursuit for dominance.

The Forgotten Ruins

The new map is known as the Forgotten Ruins. It's pulled from the memories of alchemists, storytellers, warriors, and even criminals. Basically, an amalgamation of hidden knowledge and dark secrets.

Exclusive Cosmetics

The DLC also introduces exclusive items for the new Survivors. For Aestri Yazar, the exclusive cosmetic is the Gilded Elven Bodice. Meanwhile, for Baermar Uraz it's the Gilded Brocard Shirt.

Updates Released

The new DLC arrives to the game with a bunch of updates. There are ones not only for Killer Perks but also Survivor Perks. Killer updates are also introduced focusing on The Blight, The Cannibal, and the Deathslinger, among others. Players can also look forward to improvements for the toolbox.

There's also the Twisted Masquerade event which starts June 13.

Read more about the update here. Learn more about the new DLC here.

Dead by Daylight was released first released for the PC in 2016 and then later made available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Then in 2020 is was ported for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game is also available for mobile platforms through iOS and Android.

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