Fans Can Now Support Their Favorite Dota 2 Teams with Supporters Clubs

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A new update dropped in Dota 2 but it’s not really about gameplay. Instead, it’s all about giving fans the ability to support their favorite teams. Through the Supporters Clubs, fans can buy bundles of badges, as well as seasonal equipables, that they can show off to other players.

In a post, Valve said that the content in these Supporters Clubs is from the team themselves. Valve added that 50% of all sales go to the teams that fans choose to support. That may indeed sound good but don’t forget it also means that Valve still gets half of the sales. This feature lasts only until when The International starts. Valve did confirm that for future seasons, it’s going to last through each of the respective Major.

So how does this actually work? Each team will offer three bundles, each having an increasing amount of content. The Bronze Club, for example, has a badge for the chosen team. Badges appear in different places across the game like in the Friends List, Player Profiles, and the Versus Screen. It can even appear through the in-game scoreboard.

The second is the Silver Club and it comes with sprays along with emoticons. Finally, the Gold Club has a special in-game HP bar badge, loading screens, and voice lines.

As of the release of this update, Valve confirmed content coming from 17 teams. The developer said they expect other teams to submit content and once approved, they’re going to be added to the list regularly. Teams that won’t be able to submit high-tier content can still be added but won’t have Silver Club or Gold Club enabled.

To join the Supporters Club, simply visit the Team Profile in the DPC tab.

DPC Team Profiles

The addition of the Supporters Club comes just a few weeks after Valve launched the DPC Team Profiles. This feature allows the community to keep track of the professional competitive play.

To access this feature, simply go to the Watch section of the game. After that, simply click on a team and visit their hub where information about the team, like player stats and top heroes, is shown. It even has the team’s schedule.

What are you waiting for? Time to support your favorite team!

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