Fallout: Miami Mod For Fallout 4 Brings Some Interesting New Changes

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Fallout: Miami progress looks great!
Fallout: Miami progress looks great! Fallout: Miami

Last year, a handful of dedicated fans of the Fallout franchise decided it would be cool to create a mod for Fallout 4 that plunges players into post-apocalyptic Miami. While Fallout: Miami is still in development, its creators are more than just a little bit excited to share all of the progress they’ve made in February 2019. Check out the video below to see just how far the mod has come:

Fallout: Miami is looking monumental so far. The January progress update revealed some new characters and locations, and the February update follows up on some new factions and the implementation of a reputation system that affects the ending. The progress update also showed us a few sneak peeks into some other things that the developers have in store.

So far, Fallout: Miami introduces a couple new factions: the Nuclear Patriots and the Dreamers. The latter is heavily inspired by the indie hit Hotline Miami, and features a bunch of mask-wearing junkies. The reputation system is also underway, and while it won’t be as deep or as nuanced as the one in Fallout: New Vegas, it’ll still have some profound effects on the game and its ending.

Fallout: Miami features tons of custom models and scripts, and comes with all-new characters, weapons, items, locations, and its own unique storyline. From what we’ve seen so far, it’ll have some great custom voice acting and professional audio in addition to some AAA-level attention to character details and content. If you’re looking to contribute to this amazing project, check out Fallout: Miami’s recruitment page and see if you can help!

What do you think about everything the team behind Fallout: Miami is trying to do? There’s been some overwhelming support so far, with fans of the franchise congratulating the developers on doing a better job than Todd Howard on Fallout 76. But what’s your take? Are you excited to hit the irradiated beaches of Miami, Florida with energy weapons in tow? Will you be pimping out your power armor with color-matching swimsuits? Let us know in the comments section below!

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