Fallout 76 to Get Two Updates Before the Year Ends

Two more updates coming.
Two more updates coming. Bethesda

It’s just been over a week since Fallout Worlds went live in Fallout 76 and gave players a chance to experience a new way to play the game. But two more updates are arriving in the remaining months of 2021.

In a post, developer Bethesda revealed that the first one is set to arrive this October. It’s going to introduce Halloween-themed fun to the game. Most likely this is the Spooky Scorched Seasonal Event.

The second one is coming in December to bring new game content as well as start the Holiday Scorched Event. There are also quality-of-life improvements that have long been requested by the community. The Public Test Server for the December update should be available sometime in early fall.

More details about these two are to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Time to Go Hunting

The tremors are back and that could mean the Treasure Hunter Mole Miners are almost about to break the surface. It remains unknown why they’re scavenging for valuables in the Wasteland. What is clear though is that they are surely up to no good. It’s time to go after them with the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter Weekend. This one started on September 16 and lasts until September 20.

During the event period, players need to fight off Treasure Hunters that they find. Like the previous time this event was held, each time players take down a Treasure Hunter Mole Miner, they get a Mole Miner Pail. After that, just open it to get the loot.

Players can also get Empty Mole Miner Pails from different vendors in exchange for Caps. Don’t forget to drop by the Tinker’s Workbench to fill them up.

A Brief Look into Worlds

Fallout Worlds is the newest content introduced to the game. It offers two modes that allow players to enjoy the game in a new light. Public Worlds has players try a special world with pre-selected settings that fit a theme. This one is free but only one world is available at a time.

Custom Worlds, on the other hand, is exclusive to players with active Fallout 1st memberships. Members can come up with their very own world and their own settings in place.

Learn more about Fallout Worlds here.

Fallout 76 is an online action RPG released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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