Fallout 76 Update Fixes Bugs Reported by Community

A quick update. Bethesda

A new update dropped today in Fallout 76 to fix bugs reported by the community. Some of these bugs are related to art and graphics, C.A.M.P. and workshops, and quests and events. Update Version is now available on PC through Steam.

Players should be glad to know that fixes map-related issues have been included as well. One, you are now able to retain the most recent zoom level after reopening. Two, the “Select Respawn Location” now appears correctly at the top of the map.

Here are some of the fixes featured in this update:

  • Art and Graphics
    • Apparel: The Brotherhood of Steel Infantry Uniform no longer clips through the Super Mutant Outfit.
    • Apparel: Underarmors no longer clip through the West Virginia Drifter Outfit.
    • Headwear: The Pip-Boy light now shines in the correct direction while wearing the Brotherhood Tactical Ops Mask.
    • Lights: Street Lamps now play the correct visual effects when destroyed.
    • Lights: Light from Street Lamps now correctly shines in all directions.
    • Power Armor: Adjusted Raider Marauder Power Armor so that it no longer obstructs part of the player’s view in first-person.
    • Power Armor: The Yukon Five logo now displays correctly on the Commissioner Chaos Power Armor Torso after leaving the Modify menu.
    • Power Armor: Arm and hip plates now animate correctly when entering Warhead Power Armor.
    • Statues: The Brotherhood Infantry Statue now plays the correct visual effects when destroyed.
    • Wall Décor: Spaces on the Framed Cold Steel Gameboard are now blank, instead of displaying placeholder icons.
    • Weapons: The Gold Handmade Rifle Paint no longer appears stretched when applied to an attached Suppressor Mod.
  • ​C.A.M.P. and Workshops
    • Exploit: Addressed a Blueprint exploit related to C.A.M.P. Slots.
    • Exploit: Fixed an item duplication exploit.
    • Floor Décor: Slightly increased the crafting requirements for Area Rugs, which were lower than intended. Crafting now requires 3 Cloth and 2 Rubber.
    • Generators: The Downed Plane Generator can now be built by players who own it after learning the Large Generator Plan or the Windmill Generator Plan, instead of just the Windmill Generator.
    • Structures: The “Repair All Structures” option no longer appears greyed out if a player’s Beehive has been destroyed.
  • Quests and Events
    • Cheating Death: The quest now correctly progresses past the first stage for players who pick up Lou's note early.
    • Disarming Discovery: Players no longer lose 300 Caps when logging in at a certain stage of the quest.
    • Over and Out: The elevator door at the entrance to the Enclave Research Facility now opens correctly.

Read all about the changes that arrived with the new update here.

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