Steel Reign Update Now on Fallout 76 Public Test Server

Prepare to test new features.
Prepare to test new features. Bethesda

It was last week when the public test server for Fallout 76 was finally brought back. Once it reopened, playtest for the Steel Reign Update started. Today, we take a quick look into what’s happening in the area. We also take a peek into the updated Community Calendar.

In a post, the Fallout 76 team revealed that with regards to the PTS, there has been strong support from the community. The team added that they have been going over the various feedback that includes the Steel Reign questline and legendary balance changes. They’re keeping a close watch as well on discussions focused on the Legendary Crafting system.

Premade Characters

Now to help players with the playtesting, the Fallout 76 team shared that they added a bunch of premade characters. Two of these new characters are named “Quests” and have their quest progression set at the start of the Steel Reign questline. Testers can use one to get started with the new story and the other one to play through the new content again.

There’s also a character that’s named “Rewards.” This one has all the available new Steel Reign and Meat Week reward items. It also has components that players can try out for Legendary Crafting.

If you don’t have these characters, do not worry. That’s because each Friday there’s going to be a sweep for all testers to add these characters to those who don’t have them. Just make sure to log in to the PTS at least one before Thursday.

Community Calendar

Most players have probably noticed that the Treasure Hunter Mole Miners during the “Hunt for the Treasure Hunter” event were rather hard to catch compared to the past event. The Fallout 76 team is currently working to solve an issue and once that’s done, they’re bringing back another Treasure Hunter event. During the new event, a Purveyor Sale will be launched.

Anyway, here are some of the events players can expect:

  • May 20 to May 24
    • Scrip Surplus Weekend
  • May 27 to June 1
    • Hunt for the Treasure Hunter
    • Purveyor Sale (25% off)
  • June 3 to June 7
    • Double S.C.O.R.E. Weekend
  • June 10 to June 14
    • Double XP Weekend
  • June 17 to June 21
    • Gold Rush Weekend
  • June 24 to June 28
    • Double S.C.O.R.E. Weekend
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