Fallout 76 Welcomes Season 8 and Otherworldly Visitors

Prepare for the aliens.
Prepare for the aliens. Bethesda

The latest update for Fallout 76 is now live. It officially signals the start of Season 8 and brings with it the new Seasonal Event titled "Aliens Have Landed." There are also improvements to Fallout Worlds. By the way, get your machine ready for this new update is 11.6 GB in size.

Let's start with the mysterious beings from outer space that arrived at Appalachia to steal brainwaves from lifeforms. If you don't want that to happen to you, team up with other players and make sure that the aliens don't complete their "research." What's going to happen is that every hour on the hour, an Alien Mothership materializes above one of the six landmarks and deploys three Brainwave Siphons.

To start the event, players need to go where the Mothership is located and Siphon Kappa. Once the event starts, players need to destroy the three Brainwave Siphons, one after the other. However, it's not that easy since each Siphon is protected by a force field and controlled by a different Commander. To force the Commander to come out, just defeat the alien forces. Once the Commander is beaten, the force field drops letting players destroy the Siphon.

Those able to destroy all three Brainwave Siphons in time get some loot, XP, and a chance to earn plans for crafting alien weaponry.

Season 8

Here's what players can expect for the new season:

  • New Scoreboard
    • Relive the glory days of your past life inside the cozy confines of the Vault.
    • Reach at least Rank 100 this Season to get a suite of new rewards that would even make an Overseer jealous.
    • As players progress during their Season journey, they get to unlock new paints for their weapons, armor, and Power Armor, stylish amenities for the C.A.M.P., a new Ally, outfits, cosmetics, and consumables.
  • Rank Purchasing Improvements
    • Players can select the rank they like to reach and then press the “Rank Up to Here” button at the bottom of the Scoreboard screen.
    • Once the purchase has been confirmed, players immediately rank up to that position on the Scoreboard.
    • Players unlock all of the rewards between the players' chosen rank and where they began.

Fallout World Improvements

The new update offers new Custom World Settings for everyone to explore. Here are some of the things that players can try out:

  • Carry Weight
    • Set how much weight a player can carry to a specific number, reduce it to zero, or multiply it up to eleven times the default amount.
  • Frequent Confetti
    • New Dismemberment setting that causes enemies taken down to explode into a cloud of confetti.
  • Perk Effects
    • Choose whether players can benefit from Normal Perk effects, Legendary Perk effects, both, or neither with this setting.
  • VATS
    • The update adds the ability to turn off VATS targeting versus other players, or even disable VATS entirely.
  • Relaxed Building Restrictions
    • When using "Relaxed Building Restrictions" in a Fallout World, players can now see a new "Placement Mode" option that can be toggled while building in a Workshop or C.A.M.P.
    • Adjusting it allows players to place C.A.M.P. objects even if they intersect.
  • Weather
    • For those who enjoyed the darkened skies above the Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event, they can now bring it to their Custom Worlds using the Weather Setting.

Check out what else the new update brings to the game here.

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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