Fallout 76 Season 7 is All About Zorbo’s Revenge

A new scoreboard.
A new scoreboard. Bethesda

When Fallout 76 launched Season 1, we saw Captain Cosmos and Dr. Zorbo go against each other in “The Legendary Run.” Since losing that contest, Dr. Zorbo has been working on a plan to reclaim his legacy as the “Emperor of the Universe,” and of course, destroy Captain Cosmos.

For Season 7, everyone gets to help Zorbo as he forms his own crew of intergalactic beings. Indeed, in “Zorbo’s Revenge” Scoreboard, players will travel to different planets and recruit notorious fiends in the likes of General Confusion, Octosaw, and Skellscream.

Like the previous Seasons, this newest Scoreboard has 100 ranks which bring new unlockable rewards. Rewards include themed Power Armor paints, weapon skins, outfits, new C.A.M.P. objects, in-game currencies, consumable items, and Perk Card Packs.

Two New Allies

For Season 7, two new allies can be unlocked and one of them is Xerxo, a ghoul in a spacesuit. When asked, he’ll tell players that he’s from the Zubulon Empire, the same one that had plans to invade Earth. By speaking with him, players get a buff once per day which temporarily lowers fast travel costs and increases agility.

The second is Katherine, who is known for interplanetary exploration, alien abductions, and extraterrestrial life. While she is an astronomer by trade, she’s all about learning the truth behind various mysteries of the galaxy. Players can speak to her every day and in return, they get the weight of their energy ammo lowered along with improved perception.

Season 6 Rewards

Season 7 arrives in the game on December 8. It’s the same day that the Night of the Moth update drops. That means Season 6 and the adventures with the Unstoppables are almost at an end. Be sure to grab any of the rank-up rewards you haven't claimed yet.

Community Calendar

Once Season 7 is live, some events will happen, such as:

  • January 6 to January 10
    • Purveyor Mystery Pick
  • January 13 to January 17
    • Hunt for the Treasure Hunter + Double Mutations Weekend
  • January 20 to January 24
    • Double SCORE + Gold Rush Weekend
  • January 27 to January 31
    • Scrip Surplus + Double Mutations Weekend

Read more about what to expect for Season 7 here.

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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