Fallout 76 Releases Latest Launch Trailer For Wastelanders

It's almost here.
It's almost here. Bethesda

Fallout 76 officially revealed its second trailer for the upcoming Wastelanders update. The trailer shows that everyone appears to be going back to West Virginia to hunt for some rumored buried treasure. However, it looks like players are going to be caught in the middle of an apparent clash between bandits and cultists.

You can view the trailer below:

Once released, the Wastelanders update is expected to be one of the biggest to arrive for Fallout 76. It was originally set for release on April 7, but was delayed a week to April 14. Read more about that change, along with two upcoming Fallout 76 events, here.

There are multiple changes that arrives with Wastelanders. One of the biggest additions is the new Reputation System. With this new system, players must work their way to earning the trust of new factions while earning rewards along the way. The higher the reputation score is, regardless of what faction is involved, the better the players are treated by the NPCs. Learn more about this new system here.

The new Allies System is another feature that’s arriving with Wastelanders. As players go around, there are going to be different Allies that they meet and invite to their C.A.M.P. Once one of these allies agrees, players can take part in new quests and earn extra XP as well as additional loot. Learn more about that here.

As expected, the new update is going to let players meet new characters, two of which they’re going to meet early in the journey. The first is Duchess, owner of The Wayward. This is where everyone can take time off, relax, and grab a few drinks, for a fee. While Duchess can pretty much take care of most troublesome patrons, there have a been a few lately that are more aggressive than usual. She will not refuse any help that comes her way.

Then there is Mort, one of The Wayward’s regulars. With a massive bar tab to his name, he helps Duchess every now and then. However, he has a flair for exploring and knows more about the Forest than anyone. He can even help you learn more about how C.A.M.P.s work.

This being an update, there are also quality-of-life changes plus some bug fixes. One major quality-of-life improvement is that quest markers have been improved. For example, Main Quests will now have square quest markers while other quests show diamond-shaped ones. There are also going to be new options in the settings menu.

There’s no question that something big is coming to Fallout 76. How excited are you for the Wastelander update?

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