Fallout 76 Introducing Reputation System

New system to be introduced in upcoming update.
New system to be introduced in upcoming update. Bethesda

Fallout 76 developer Bethesda has provided details of the online Fallout's take on a reputation system. This new system is set to arrive with the upcoming Wastelanders update. The system allows players to become a close confidant of each faction while also earning a few rewards along the way.

The new update is going to introduce Settlers and Raiders. When players first meet either of these, they're clearly going to be wary. However, players have the chance to help either faction by completing quests, bringing down enemies, and even offering information. The more activities done, the more players prove that they can be relied on by the faction and thus their reputation increases. The reputation "ranks" include, among others, Hostile or Cautious, Neutral, Friendly, and Ally.

Whenever players earn reputation with a faction, they get a notification showing how much they earned. The amount of reputation earned is based on what activity was done. Completing a story quest, for example, gives players a large amount of reputation while doing the same with a faction's daily quest offers just a bit. A player's current reputation with both factions can be viewed at any time using the social menu.

As a player's reputation ranks with either faction increase, the people at Crater and Foundation are going to treat them better. In addition, that faction's vendors can sell to players a wider range of goods. Completing story content gives players access to new vendors that sell plans for a few new faction-themed items.

Settlers and Raiders

After the Wastelanders update, players are going to meet the Settlers and the Raiders factions.

Settlers are led by Paige, who was the former head of a Construction Workers Union based in Washington D.C. This faction is mainly made up of people who are experts when it comes to constructing and running a city. Indeed, they have managed to start working on a city they dubbed Foundation. While they may have the skills for construction, they have little to no idea when it comes to the challenges in Appalachia.

The Raiders, on the other hand, have always considered Appalachia as home. Led by Meg, they have learned that some people are moving in on the land that they call theirs. They've set up a base at a crashed Space Station known as the Crater. If you're planning to meet with them, don't just walk in directly, as you need to have a plan in place.

There's no question that a lot of things are going to change in Fallout 76 with the Wastelanders update. While waiting for the update, an official trailer is scheduled to be released on February 4.

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