Fallout 4 Is Dropping A Ton Of New Content

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New content ready to drop.
New content ready to drop. Bethesda

Fallout 4 announced that it is preparing to launch its largest Creation Club update yet in the next few weeks. A lot of new content will arrive in the update, so here's the rundown on some of the major additions.

Virtual Workshops

Players can now travel to new worlds from the comfort of their settlement with the VR Workshop. There are limitless resources available, huge building limits, and even placeable enemy spawners for your very own custom encounters. There are also different music, weather, and visual filters to choose from.

All you need to do is make a new VR pod and then connect it a power source and a terminal. After that, you can transport yourself to a series of exotic landscapes and iconic Fallout locations like Atomic Crater, Desert Island, and Grid World. You can even go to Capital Wasteland’s GNR Plaza.

Overall, the bundle offers 40 new workshop items, many of which can also be crafted in your very own workshop.

Capital Wasteland Mercenaries

The Capital Wasteland Mercenaries Creation is offering a total of eight new mercenary outfits. There's going to be two of each classic FO3 style: Veteran, Troublemaker, Charmer and Adventurer. To get these armor sets, you need to help a ragtag group of mercenaries defend GNR and fight against a military company that's taken over the station. To give this selection of armor a fresh appearance, Fallout 4 made sure to go back to the original concept art.

Gunners vs. Minutemen

It's time to take back the Quincy. You can do this on your own or team up with the Minutemen. As an extra reward, this Creation update contains six new power armor skins for the TI-45, TI-51, TI-60 and X-01. Three of these celebrate the Minutemen and three celebrate the Gunners.

CR-74L Combat Rifle

When you're travelling across the Comonwealth, a guide and a gun are both helpful. However, why not have both with the CR-74L? This fully automatic rifle is able to go through enemies at breakneck speeds and comes in several different faction skins for that customized look. The rifle also has a holotape manual and virtual companion which lets you learn about the make and history of this rifle.

Tesla Cannon

This lightweight energy weapon was designed by the U.S. government to be used against tanks. This Creation update also includes custom modifications, two attack styles and even a new quest.

Customizable Vault Suits

Each vault has an assigned number and with Vault-Tec, each number has its own story. This content lets you modify or clean your suit at any armor workbench. You can also try out a more classic look with utility jumpsuits from the Capital Wasteland. To customize your suit, simply choose a number between 1 and 120 and then pick from seven different colors.

So which creation are you most excited about?

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