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As Fall Guys continues to rise to immense popularity, many brands are looking to collaborate with the game, and for the right reasons. Fans love Fall Guys so much that they have even created a Fall Guys-themed obstacle course in Fortnite and some fans have also been sharing new costume and game mode ideas.

Fall Guys has a lot going for it. While most modern games focus on realism and intense competition, Fall Guys presents a game that's colorful, simple, and hilariously unrealistic. Not only is the gameplay simple, it's also fun to play and to watch others play.

The game's default Fall Guy creature is certainly cute and they get even more cute once you outfit them with amazing costumes. This is why brands are compelled to have their own Fall Guys costume in the game. In response to the huge number of requests coming from fans and brands, Fall Guys' official Twitter account recently held a Battle of the Brands charity contest. The rules were simple, whoever donated the highest amount to the Special Effects charity organization won the contest and got their costume in the game. The contest was won by a group of popular streamers and esports brands comprising of Mr. Beast, Ninja, Aimlabs, and G2 Esports.

However, it seems that Mediatonic is interested in collaborating with brands and building unity among gamers itself with Fall Guys. The game already has a bunch of cute costumes that are a reference to Valve's Half-Life and Portal 2. Recently, the game also released another costume for Chell, the protagonist of the Portal games.

Chell's costume in Fall Guys incredibly cute and the costume features her signature Aperture top and half jumpsuit. The costume also has a portal gun attached to one arm, but it is non-functional. It'll be interesting to see what other costumes can appear in the game as a result of Fall Guys' collaboration with other brands.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown is currently available on PC and PS4.

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