Factory Town: Update 2.0 Features UI Rework and Gamepad Support

Factory Town
Factory Town Steam

Factory Town received a new update that brings a wealth of improvements and bug fixes. Update 2.0 features an improved user interface and support for gamepads.

While this game can be enjoyed using a mouse and keyboard, some prefer gamepads. Fortunately, Update 2.0 gives players the ability to play Factory Town using a controller of their choice.

In addition, the UI has been reworked, allowing players to navigate their way through the various menus more effectively. One of the biggest changes is in the window that appears when selecting an object. Now, the window is resizable and movable anywhere on the screen. It also has tabs at the top that highlight different things, such as production state, recipes, inventory, upgrades, labels, etc.

UI Rework
UI Rework Steam

Patch Notes

  • Added ability to adjust Steam boosters (0 to 2) and Elemental Boosters (0 to 5)
  • When issuing a command to a worker, an item selection panel will appear over a storage building even if it has no items
  • Selecting a Computational Block, then clicking on blank terrain, will de-select the computational block
  • A building’s progress towards absorbing another unit of nearby water is saved with the game file, to prevent lost progress
  • Reduced memory usage for natural resources
  • The Pipette tool, when used repeatedly on the same block, will cycle between Farm Tile and the crop planted on it (same with Tree Planters and OmniPlanters)
  • Player can use larger cursor sizes when placing Fish
  • If a recipe is unable to complete because output storage is full, the associated output item icon is flagged with red text (similar to how missing ingredients are flagged)
  • Added more intuitive highlights on the panel that allows workers to pick up specific items
  • Player can specify the transfer item at the destination if they chose "everything" at the source
  • Got rid of the Controls sidebar, as it is redundant with the action button panel - all actions that previously required hotkeys are now visible buttons
  • Infinite maps would display seams between terrain chunks (i.e. when the file is saved and re-loaded) due to not storing correct terrain generator settings within the file. Workers would fail to find new harvest target in some cases after their initial target was depleted
  • "No Path" alert was not shown for Grabbers that were missing a Chute or Belt path, if there was some other path type under the Grabber block
  • Clicking the "Randomize" button when editing the map seed would not fully update the seed display
  • Fixed hangs/crashes resulting from logic connections missing a target

The rest of the patch notes can be found on Steam.

Factory Town Update 2.0 is available on PC.

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