F1 22 Update 1.05 Now Live, Read Patch Notes Here

Learn more what it has to offer.
Learn more what it has to offer. EA

F1 22 received the important Update 1.05 just now, which is heavy on bug fixes and improvements. The performance of the game in VR is also improved by this patch. It is now live on PlayStation platforms and will arrive on PC later today. The Xbox version of the patch will be released soon, though a date wasn't provided.

During split-screen races, HUD elements will appear correctly. The fuel amount for Bahrain F1 Sprint events is updated, and players can now correctly apply Sponsors to their cars. Adaptive triggers on PC are also improved.

You check out the patch notes below.

  • ICE wear rate reduced to be less punishing when aggressively downshifting or over-revving.
  • Resolved incorrect collision at Jeddah turn 1.
  • Virtual rear mirror visibility setting will now apply correctly.
  • Characters on the podium will now appear correctly.
  • HUD elements will now appear correctly in split-screen races.
  • Addressed an issue where the team badge could appear corrupted after a race weekend in MyTeam.
  • Loyalty pack items will now correctly appear in users’ inventory.
  • Addressed an issue where using Fanatec Load Cell pedals would result in reduced frame rate.
  • Updated MyTeam engine supplier durability ratings (will not affect existing careers).
  • Updated fuel amount for Bahrain F1 Sprint events.
  • Rain no longer appears within the car in supercar replays.
  • Addressed an issue where the race engineer would note a component issue and then immediately state it was resolved.
  • Adaptive triggers now have the correct resistance on PC.
  • Addressed an issue where AI drivers on flying laps could brake to not pass yielding vehicles.
  • Addressed an issue when retiring from Qualifying 1 or 2 despite having a time to move to the next session, would transition to the race.
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when joining an in-progress Social Play lobby.
  • Sponsors can now be correctly applied to the Player Car.
  • General Stability Improvements.
  • Various minor fixes.
  • Addressed a crash when entering a multiplayer lobby in progress.
  • Addressed an issue where the starting grid option could not be modified in multiplayer lobbies.
  • Improved performance when companion screen is set to full screen.
  • Addressed involuntary head movement when braking or accelerating.

The complete patch notes can be read via the official site.

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