Destiny 2: Beyond Light Stasis Sub-Class For Warlock Revealed

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Destiny 2: Beyond Light bungie

Bungie’s next update for Destiny 2, Beyond Light, will introduce three new subclasses for the latest Stasis elemental power when the expansion launches this November. It is exciting to see a brand new element join the existing Arc, Solar, and Void elements as Bungie has not implemented anything new in this area since the original Destiny.

“Each Guardian class will feature a new Stasis subclass with Beyond Light and, as you might expect, each class will use Stasis in a unique way,” Bungie stated in a recent post. “Stasis is the domain of control; an elemental power that is less about outright aggression and more about careful control of enemy combatants and space -- sometimes even using the powers of Stasis in a defensive way. Hunters zipping by in the blink of an eye while slowing down opponents in Stasis fields. Titans smashing their fists to the ground, launching jagged eruptions of Stasis crystals from the earth.”

Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Destiny 2: Beyond Light bungie

Bungie has only revealed information on the Warlock ability Shadebinder. The Shadebinder super is called Winter’s Wrath, and it sounds like the super ability will live up to its name. The ability summons a Stasis staff whose projectile allows players to freeze targets. Players can also detonate the staff’s crystal, which sends out a shockwave that kills all your frozen foes.

Players will have the option to customize their Stasis with the addition of aspects and fragments. Aspects are physical items such as Vex conflux, which offer some new abilities. Fragments are also physical items that can be stacked on aspects to add stat bonuses. Bungie seems to have added multiple layers to the customization, which includes abilities like grenades, movement, class specials, and more.

Bungie will release more details on the Stasis subclass for Titan and Hunter on September 3 and September 8 respectively.

So, what are your thoughts on the new Stasis subclass for Warlock? Do you think the new element will be a solid alternative to the other elements? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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