The Expeditions Update for No Man’s Sky is Here

New update is here.
New update is here. Hello Games

No Man’s Sky announced that its Expeditions update is now available for everyone. This newest game mode offers a new way to play, a unique set of challenges, and even revitalize mission mechanics. Several new and exclusive rewards are introduced by the update as well.

Expeditions is a seasonal and community-focused mode that complements existing modes, such as Normal, Creative, Survival, and Permadeath. All players begin on the same planet with their journey already plotted for them. Each player begins their journey with a custom collection of technology, new ships, and new weapons.

Players get to take an adventure with each season that offers journey milestones and chances to unlock rather valuable rewards, a lot of which is unique to the season. Everything that players unlock can be accessed on all modes. There’s no question that Expedition presents a new way for new players to jump into the game or returning players looking for a fresh start.

Expeditions arrive with Update 3.3 that introduces several changes, including:

  • Shared Expeditions
    • Players start events from a fixed point to bring the entire community together.
  • ​Milestones and Phases
    • Progress through milestones and earn rewards.
  • ​Target Sweep Mode
    • This new extension to the Analysis Visor offers a new element of exploration gameplay in missions.
    • Make use of survey techniques as well as exploration skills to uncover mission destinations.
  • Mission Overhaul
    • Both core and optional missions have been overhauled and now have the Target Sweep mechanic, among many improvements.
  • ​Weekend Missions
    • Weekend Missions have been re-enabled.
    • The missions bring the community together to finish a common goal, and in return, reward them with a large amount of Quicksilver.
  • UI and HUD Overhaul
    • Players can see that the in-game HUD has been refreshed to give it a more legible and cleaner look.
    • A large number of UI and market QoL improvements have been added.
  • Balance and QoL Changes
    • The early game balance has been improved.
    • The automated instructions for building products and technologies are now smoother.
  • Rendezvous Points
    • Reunite with other travelers on the same journey.
    • Team up with the community and build a settlement.
  • Exclusive New Rewards
    • The Expedition phases unlock exclusive new rewards.
  • The first expedition offers:
    • Base parts
    • New customization options
    • Exclusive ship design
    • New jetpack style
  • Seasons
    • New expeditions start regularly.
    • Each expedition has a theme and offers a new way to look at the No Man’s Sky universe.
  • Cross-save Rewards
    • Exclusive rewards earned from Expeditions can be redeemed on other saves in any game mode at the Space Anomaly.
  • ​Bug Fixes and Performance
    • Numerous bugs have been addressed.

Read the complete patch notes here.

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