Exoborne Challenges You to Master the Apocalypse

Exoborne Announcement
Try and survive the apocalypse. Sharkmob

Developer Sharkmob and publisher Level Infinite announced that it's working on a new tactical open world extraction shooter. Exoborne puts players in the middle of a world that's been ripped apart by apocalyptic forces of nature. While no release date has been revealed, the game kid is planned to come out on consoles and for the PC via Steam.

The story is focused in a world where humanity is now facing an unprecedented global collapse. This is a result of the failure of its last hope known as Project Rebirth which instead has turned the world into a hostile place. Players get to explore a post of the southeastern US, a region that's been torn apart by the brutal forces of nature. As they enter the world of Exoborne, players not only take on risky missions and join public events, but also face ever-changing threats by the world itself. It' pretty much like having an epic gunfight but in a tornado.

Specifically, players take on the role of Reborn. These are extraordinary survivors who have been fitted with an implant that allows them to use the powerful Exo-Rigs. By being equipped with this piece of epic technology, this has allowed the Reborn to survive in a world that's been plagued by deadly elemental chaos, warring factions, and even other hostile Reborn. By making use of the abilities of the Exo-Rigs, players are able to survive the fierce forces of nature and channel their might in combat and movement.

Features of the game include:

  • Forces of Nature: Fight your way through elemental chaos into the world that constantly changes the conditions.
  • Exo-Rigs: Unlock powerful abilities and not only enhancing vertical movement but also the raw powers of nature to the player's advantage when chosen wisely.
  • Verticality: In a world that's been twisted upside down it allows for all new exploration and combat experiences.
  • Crafting and Customizing: Players can survive in their own way and unlock new gear and equipment.
  • Public Events and Missions: Raise the stakes and opportunities with players being able to choose their own challenge.
  • Extraction Gameplay: The thrill is intensified and reaches a peak at the end of each session. Players can choose to risk it all or wait for a better opportunity.
  • Thrilling and Evolving Story: Builds the stage for future content updates and mysteries in the world to discover.
  • Premium Game: Comes with regular live-ops updates.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to survive?

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