Evil Genius 2: World Domination V1.5.0 QoL Improvements, Bug Fixes, and More

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Evil Genius 2: World Domination recently received a new update focused on quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes.

Issues, where the characters get trapped inside the helipad tower on “Caine Key” Island and being trapped while moving through doors in unusual circumstances, have been resolved. The developers also fixed issues where players were unable to get some achievements.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination V1.5.0

  • Characters now board the Cruise Ship more swiftly.
  • Click and hold functionality has been improved for picking up and moving Items.
  • All Decor effects have been significantly boosted. Note that an Item can be affected by only one Decor Item at a time, and we are looking at improving the messaging of this in a future patch.
  • Deserting minions can now be captured and imprisoned to make them rethink their life choices, and slowly restore their Morale.
  • Warning notification added at the "Point of No Return," after which progressing to the next campaign Objective will prohibit access to any remaining Side Stories.
  • The layout of rock types in Montañas Gemelas has been modified to increase options for reaching the lower levels of the Doomsday Cavern. Note that this change will impact new campaigns only.
  • Options for Stair placement on the basement floors of the "Crown Gold" and "Caine Key" Island Lairs have been expanded. Note that this change will impact new campaigns only.
  • The "Fighting Fire With Fire" achievement now unlocks correctly when setting Atomic Olga on fire by using Traps.
  • In Zalika's campaign Objective, "Tourist Trap," curing IRIS will no longer count toward Henchman recruitment achievements.
  • The "Total Annihilation" achievement no longer unlocks prematurely.
Super Agents
  • Side Panel portraits for Agent Steele now match the appearance of the character.
  • Super Agents Side Panels include the correct Force of Justice affiliation when they are Lured from the World Stage.
  • Specialist Agents accompanying a Super Agent are assigned the correct Force of Justice affiliation.
Loot Items
  • The requirements for a minion to be judged worthy by the Sword In the Stone Loot item have been made easier to meet.
  • Certain Loot items can no longer be stolen during their Side Stories.
  • The "Cupid's Arrow" Loot item can no longer be destroyed.
  • Minions will more commonly use the "World's Oldest Bones" Loot Item.
  • The "Million Bees" Loot Item no longer requires a minion to deliver it to the Depot before it can be placed.
  • Loot Item information is consistently unlocked in the Rogues' Gallery after acquiring it.
  • When using a gamepad, navigating between placed Loot Items in the Build Menu no longer skips items in the list.

You can read more about the update here.

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