Evil Dead: The Game Update Brings Mia and David from 2013 Movie

Evil Dead: The Game 2013 Update
Evil Dead: The Game 2013 Update Saber Interactive

Evil Dead: The Game just got a ton of content, thanks to the September 8 patch; while some of it is paid, others are free. Developer Saber Interactive released the Evil Dead 2013 Bundle DLC to the game, containing two characters from the 2013 movie Mia and David.

Mia and David

Mia's unique power is that she can raise her damage output when scared. The more frightened she is, the more damage she’ll do. David, on the other hand, can reduce fear and damage taken by him and his nearby allies.

The DLC contains some cosmetics items as well. The bundle will grant you access to the "screamer" image skin and an alternate outfit for Mia. The 2013 Bundle will be free for Season Pass 1 owners. It can also be purchased by players who don’t own the pass for only $9.99.

Free Content

The rest of the content and changes are free for everyone. The patch brings one new demon called Plaguebringer and one new environment called Blood Rain. Two new weapons, namely, Syringe and Nailgun, are added as well.

Players can now try out Mia and David on a newly added mission, Weekend at Knowby's. Completing the mission will reward you with three new screamers. A Map Selection option has been added to Exploration Mode as well.

The patch also brings tons of balancing changes, some of which are mentioned below:

Balance Updates
  • The lever action rifle now uses handgun ammo
  • Mini Eligos’ Thunderstruck attack has increased velocity
  • Warlord’s Elite Unit’s light attack is faster now
  • More aggressive AI now interrupts its taunts to attack
  • Increased possibility of the AI performing special attacks
  • Necromancer now can’t spawn a second Flutist while the first one is still active
  • More Infernal Energy Orbs in Caravans and Cabin map
  • The minimum distance between objectives has increased to avoid them spawning very close by
  • After an objective, the Demon gets expelled closer to the next objective
  • Reduced Shemp's and Amulet spawn in Castle Kandar
  • Reduced the amount of spawned cars on all maps
  • Storm now closes 50 additional meters

You can visit the official site to check out all the balancing changes.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the new characters? Will you play Mia or David first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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