Evil Dead: The Game July 26 Patch Retains Parties After Games, Reduces Queue Times, and More

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Evil Dead: The Game received one highly demanded feature today. The July 26 Update went live a few hours ago and it brings important changes, balancing tweaks, and bug fixes.

From now on, players no longer have to re-invite their friends after every match; their parties will be maintained between games. Queue times for some players will be reduced as those from the West and East coasts can now join matches together.

The patch also reduces the balance damage done by the Ash glove to 20 from the previous 40. The balance multiplier of heavy fist attacks is reduced from x3 to x2. You can read more of the changes below.

  • Several fixes for vaulting fences and their animations
  • Fixed a bug where roads would disappear
  • Pings placed on the map while sitting in the car are now displayed in the world
  • Fixed an issue causing a blurry flickering visual glitch on supply crates
  • Removed duplicated portal trap in Castle Kandar
  • Change in the ratio-appearance of maps: 50% Castle Kandar, 25% Caravans, and 25% Cabin
Kandarian Demon
  • Demon movement will no longer stutter and have interruptions after being exorcized indoors
  • Demon movement speed indoors increased from 500 to 700
  • Demons can no longer accumulate units indefinitely
  • Warlord Elite units no longer have an input lock when pressing the attack and arm swipe buttons
  • Puppeteer and Necromancer basic units can no longer chain hits indefinitely
  • Demons will no longer be forced to spectate a survivor
  • Deadites will no longer spawn from portals before said portal has fully opened
  • Possessed Demon Basic and Elite units can vault windows when sprinting toward them
  • Survivors will no longer be forced to aim if an objective was collected while aiming
  • Fixed Survivor input loss after being possessed while interacting with a vehicle
  • Survivors will no longer be resurrected and stay in bleeding-out animation
  • AI Survivors will no longer stop interacting with players or vehicles during the Dark One's battle
  • Lord Arthur Battle Prep Outfit now has the correct SFX and VFX after being hit by an evil unit
  • After being resurrected by the objective, the bleeding-out UI no longer stays on the hud.
  • Video settings will no longer be saved after exiting the options menu without applying them
  • The cursor on the map interface moves now without stutter (Xbox only)
  • Fixed the button prompt not appearing for one objective in the Cabin Map

You can read the complete changelog via the official site.

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