Evil Dead: The Game Evil Ash Can No Longer Cancel Infernal Invigoration's Stun Animation in Latest Update

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Saber Interactive launched a relatively minor hotfix for Evil Dead: The Game recently. One of the biggest things in this update has something to do with Evil Ash.

Players who relied on Evil Ash’s Infernal Invigoration ability might not be happy with a recent change. When used, Evil Ash grabs and suffocates a victim, sapping them of their life force while simultaneously healing himself. Survivors can break free by attacking Evil Ash during the animation, which means that the undead knight should be vulnerable until it ends.

Before this patch went live, however, Evil Ash players were able to cancel the stun animation simply by dodging. This allowed Evil Ash to initiate a follow-up attack quickly and easily when done right.

Well, canceling the stun animation by dodging has been fixed in the latest patch, so Evil Ash players may have to initiate a different plan of attack if they want to succeed from here on out.

This update also includes some fixes to the newly added Splatter Royale game mode. For one, the long wait at the end of the lobby countdown is resolved. Furthermore, character physics in Splatter Royale’s Spectator Mode is fixed, which may imply that players are less likely to see wonky or funny animations while looking at others as a spectator.


  • Melee damage no longer increases for Lord Arthur's active ability.
  • Ranged damage no longer increases every time Annie activates her ability.
  • Ruby's passive healing stops working when she's possessed.
  • Ruby's passive healing heals the correct value.
  • Fixed Ed Getley's ability "It's a Trap" to deactivate portal traps placed by the Demon.
  • Survivors will be unable to shoot off the head of possessed Elite units before they get to 0 HP.
  • Fixed when players could not successfully resurrect AI Survivors on altars.
  • Fixed Puppeteer's "Power Possess" ability cooldown.
  • The effects of "Puppeteer Master: Damage Done" now disappear after unpossessing a survivor inside Ash or Ruby's aura.
  • The first attack after Special Attack can now damage Basic and Elite Deadites.
  • Evil Ash can no longer interrupt stunning animation by dodging.
  • Demon won't be able to set a double trap at the same place on Ye Olde S-Market on the Army of Darkness Map.
  • Freezes no longer happen when a player tries to upgrade two characters' Prestige levels in a row.
  • Fixed freezes or crashes when changing party leader.
  • Fixed aiming camera being briefly reset after a certain set of movements.
  • Fixed issues with Skill Point settings for some players in the Collection.
  • Messages showing if a friend is online will disappear from the screen after a while.
  • Updated Pit Deadites' 3D model.
  • Matchmaking
    • Fixed getting disconnected if players have a really slow connection in Splatter Royale.
    • Fixed a matchmaking issue where players canceled matchmaking.

Evil Dead: The Game February 8 Hotfix is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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