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Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2
Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2 ID Software

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 Expansion Pack is finally available. The paid DLC was released a couple of days ago on every major platform and has brought the conclusion to the Doom Slayer’s Saga. Tons of new things have been added to the game including new missions, enemies, weapons, and bosses. We also received lots of new cosmetics items. All of them are available by playing the game and completing challenges. You won’t have to spend real-life money on any kind of microtransaction.

New Levels
New Levels ID Software

New Levels

Just like The Ancient Gods Part 1, Part 2 also adds three new levels where you will battle demons. From The World Spear in Argent D’Nur to fighting on the Reclaimed Earth where demons are defeated by the ARK, and finally, you will also visit Immora, the heart of Hell itself where you will go 1v1 with the biggest baddie.

Every one of these locations is unique and is beautifully crafted. My personal favorite is Reclaimed Earth. It feels like a weird blend of The Last of Us and Doom. However, after finishing Part 2, I did feel that every mission was much shorter and linear than the base game and Part 1.

Barbarian Collection Set
Barbarian Collection Set ID Software

Barbarian Slayer Master Collection

A new Master Collection set is made available. Players who own the Deluxe Edition, Year One Pass, or the Part 2 DLC will be given access to this collection. Like every other Master Collection, this one also features Doom Slayer skins, podiums, banners, and more. But you need to unlock them by playing the game. Barbarian Slayer Master Collection brings a He-Man-inspired skin to Doom Eternal, and it’s absolutely perfect.

Sentinel Hammer
Sentinel Hammer ID Software

New Weapon

I don’t know about you, but when I was playing The Ancient Gods Part 1, I felt like one weapon was stolen from me. Yep, I am talking about the Crucible, which is not available in either DLC. Instead, the developer has brought a new weapon into the mix. In Part 2, Crucible is replaced by the Sentinel Hammer, the same hammer used by the Betrayer Valen.

Sentinel Hammer kills every fodder enemy nearby and stuns any big enemy, while dead enemies will drop ammo. If used with the Ice Bomb or Flame Bench, you can easily refill your ammo, armor, and health with one Hammer slam. The Sentinel Hammer recharges by performing Glory Kills or by shooting the demon’s weak points.

It’s a great weapon, however, I do think that it makes the game very easy. I rarely used the Chainsaw to refill my ammo in Part 2. So, not everyone is gonna be a fan.

Grapple Point
Grapple Point ID Software

Super Shotgun MeatHook Grapple Points

Traversing the world of Doom Eternal just became a little bit more fun. We already had jump points, wall climbing, and monkey bars. Now, another way of traversing is added to the game. You can now use your Super Shotgun Meathook to launch yourself from Grapple Points. If you are careful, then you can also get easy armor while flying.

New Enemies Variant

One of the biggest issues I have with the new expansion pack is that there are no new enemies, other than the final boss. Every new addition is just a variant of older demons. Here all the new enemies’ variants that TAG Part 2 adds:

Armored Baron
Armored Baron ID Software

Armored Baron

Yep, he is exactly what you think he is just fitted with thick Armor. Most of the weapons don’t do much damage to him, however, Plasma Rifle destroys his Armor with microwave mod having the greatest effect. You can also shoot its Mace when it flashes green to destroy all of its armor. When he is vulnerable, you will need to kill him quickly before he regenerates his armor. He is probably the best addition to the game in terms of "new" enemies.

Cursed Prowler
Cursed Prowler ID Software

Cursed Prowler

Do you hate the normal Prowler? Well, you are not gonna be a fan of Prowler with magic. If you are hit by a Cursed Prowler, you won’t be able to dash and you will also take damage over time. When you are cursed, the said prowler is immortal to every other weapon, and he can only be killed via Blood Punch, so don’t waste your BFG ammo at him.

Demonic Troopers

These new enemies are the most boring demons since they don’t have any cool attacks or defense. They are just there for you to kill. Oh, and they cannot be chainsawed or Glory Killed.

Screecher ID Software


Screecher is just meant to annoy you. If you kill a Screecher, then they will temporarily buff any other demon nearby. Buffed demons are faster, stronger, and difficult to kill. Try to kill them last so you don’t have to worry about stronger demons.

I once accidentally killed a Screecher when two Marauders were nearby, and I don’t wanna talk about it.

Stone Imp
Stone Imp ID Software

Stone Imp

Stone Imps are quite stronger Imps. They take little to no damage with any other weapon aside from Full Auto Combat Shotgun and Sentinel Hammer. Killing them with Full Auto Mod will also give you shotgun ammo so you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo. The Unmaykr also kills them quite efficiently.

Riot Soldier

He is a Soldier with an OP Riot Shield, which absorbs frontal damage from every weapon. Just shoot him from behind or shoot a rocket at his rear.

Dark Lord
Dark Lord ID Software

New Boss Fight: The Dark Lord

The expansion pack only has one boss, the Dark Lord himself. I don’t wanna spoil the boss fight for you. Just know, it’s gonna be difficult, and you are gonna die a lot.

Escalation Encounter
Escalation Encounter ID Software

Escalation Encounters

Every level has a place where you can start Escalation Encounters. The first one is compulsory and will give you a Sentinel Hammer upgrade. The second one is optional and will reward you with a cool cosmetic item. Keep in mind, that the second encounter will be very difficult.

Reward Skins
Reward Skins ID Software

These cosmetic items are skins for Doom Slayer:

  • World Spear
  • Survivor
  • Hellforged

New Milestones

Just like Part 1, there are new milestones for the Slayer to complete. Completing the milestone will reward you with exclusive cosmetics like Skins, Podium, Animations, and Menu Background. You can read about the new additions from the official site as well.

Along with the paid expansion pack, Doom Eternal also received a free update. Update 5 brought new features, balancing changes, bug fixes, and more. Check out our previous article for more information.

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