EVE Online Starts New Chapter with Reign Update

A new chapter begins.
A new chapter begins. CCP Games

EVE Online officially started a new chapter in the history of New Eden with Reign. The new chapter also includes updates to fleets and travel, and the return of events like The Hunt, Abyssal Proving Grounds, and Guardian's Gala. Players can expect as well balance changes and possibly even changes to the meta.

Fleet Discovery

With the Fleet Discovery Update, pilots should be more efficient and likely more destructive. Through the Fleet Up Tool, players can find and create fleets that can match their interests, plans, and of course, skill levels. This tool should allow for a more useful and intuitive experience, be it a new player or a veteran. Read more about the new feature here.

Returning Events

The launch of Reign means the return of different events. One of these is Guardian’s Gala, where pilots get the chance to earn, among many others, various faction items, Skill Point boosters, and Overseers’ Effects. Players also get to enjoy daily rewards.

Balance Changes

Reign arrives with an update that brings some QoL updates plus other improvements, all to ensure that players have a better game experience. Players should be able to see visual updates to the jump tunnel animations, which now have region-specific immersive visuals that are reflected in tunnels. You can read the changes here.

In a post, EVE Online Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason said that with many events that happened in the past year, it’s time for reformation in New Eden. Finnbogason added that Reign is pretty much the start of more events in the future.

EVE Online is a sci-fi MMORPG that has players build and pilot different spaceships. As pilots, players can travel through many star systems and even carve their own path, made possible with the countless choices. In addition to exploring space, the game offers both PvE and PvP battles.

What makes EVE Online stand out from other games in the same genre is its scale and complexity when it comes to how players interact. Offering a single and shared world, players take part in many unscripted activities and events. The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, for example, was a battle where thousands of players joined. The actual battle lasted for 21 hours and has since been considered as one of the largest, as well as most expensive, battles in gaming.

EVE Online is available for free and can be downloaded here.

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