EVE Online: Invasion Expansion Officially Launched

Eve Online: Invasion
Eve Online: Invasion Eve Online

The EVE Online: Invasion expansion has officially been released by CCP Games. This latest addition to EVE Online serves as the first chapter in the Triglavian story, with New Eden being plunged into chaos.

The expansion gives capsuleers a new presence and dimension to EVE Online's gameplay. Invasion begins with roaming fleets of Triglavian forces invading some of New Eden's star systems. As each week passes, capsuleers can expect the events to escalate and later have to face the Triglavians emerging from Abyssal Deadspace directly. Players also get to undergo a new combat experience as they fight for their territory versus a large Triglavian World Ark.

The Invasion expansion introduces three new and formidable Triglavian ships in the Tech II category at Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser class. As well as the new craft, Invasion introduces further alterations to the War Declaration system, plus additions to the Mutaplasmid system that players can loot from attacking Triglavian forces. This allows players to modify existing ship modules to make them more powerful or efficient, but as before, risking irreversible attribute reduction too!

Eve Online: Invasion New Triglavian Ships
Eve Online: Invasion New Triglavian Ships Eve Online

Talking about the expansion, EVE Online Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason mentioned in a press statement that EVE has always been about how the actions players do can result in meaningful and lasting consequences. Thus, the goal with the Invasion expansion was to give the community a universe-changing event that remained in a familiar space. According to Finnbogason, the expansion has players "defending their territory from a fearsome new sect" and that they are "incredibly keen to see our players fighting for the star systems they hold dear against an increasingly serious threat unlike anything they've ever faced before."

CCP Chief Executive Officer Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said in the statement that the goal of Eve Online was to have a living universe unlike any other and offer players new experiences. He added that "“[w]ith EVE celebrating 16 years of strength and innovation, we continue to build on that ambition and tradition."

CCP Games also revealed that the Open Beta for the 64-bit client for both macOS and Windows PC was launched along with the release of the new expansion.

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