Europa Universalis IV Subscription Now Available on Steam

Enjoy more content.
Enjoy more content. Paradox Interactive

A new subscription service is now available for Europa Universalis IV through Steam. It’s exclusive for those who already have the game on the platform and gives them access to all the content released without buying them.

The subscription is offered at $4.99 per month and automatically renews until canceled. Current subscribers on other platforms can continue their active subscription but it won't be automatically renewed. Once their subscription expires, they’ll be invited to subscribe instead on Steam.

Below are some of the content that players can access with the subscription:

  • All 14 major expansions plus significant new options for players, including:
    • The religious battles of Art of War
    • Parliamentary politics of Common Sense
    • Chinese imperial drama of Mandate of Heaven
  • 4 immersion packs which add new mechanics for:
    • Spain
    • Great Britain
    • Russian
    • African nations
  • 9 content packs that added new unit designs, advisor portraits, and music for dozens of different nations.
  • Access to all future expansions and content developed for the game.

France Update

In addition to the subscription now available on Steam, the France update is live. This new update introduces a new reform for the Celestial Empire wherein the Emperor is able to convert tributaries into vassals in exchange for Mandate per Development. These subjects of the Tributary become independent.

Players can also expect 15 new custom nation ideas and 8 new Custom Nation colors.

This update also brings with it game balances that include:

  • Economy
    • Trading range is no longer extended by fleet basing rights but by non-independent subjects.
    • Vassals and marches don't extend trading range, but PUs and client vassals/marches do.
  • Governments
    • Becoming the new Celestial Empire grant the new Emperor:
      • -10% Land Maintenance
      • +12 Land Force Limit
      • +15% Manpower Recovery Speed
  • Independent Daimyos lose their government reform should they become subjects of a non-Shogun country.
  • Re-added the "Tribal Identity" government reform for natives.
  • The Chinese Kingdom government reform now gives -100 opinion of countries of the same culture and culture group.
  • The Great Mongol Horde government now gives +50% Cavalry to Infantry Ratio instead of 25%.

Read more about the France update here.

Europa Universalis IV is available on PC.

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