Euro Truck Simulator 2: Update 1.42 Adds Convoy MOD Support in Multiplayer

Euro Truck Simuatlor 2 Update 1.42
Euro Truck Simuatlor 2 Update 1.42 Steam

Developer SCS Software has deployed Update 1.42 for  Euro Truck Simulator 2. The highlight feature of this update is the introduction of Mods in multiplayer. It is worth noting that the features outlined here are also available in American Truck Simulator.

MOD Convoy Support

In Update 1.41, the developers added Convoy into the game. For those who do not know, it is essentially the game’s multiplayer mode. Because of how popular this new mode is, it is only fitting that the devs also introduce Mod support, and that is what they did with this new update.

Modifications or mods are add-ons that you can download and enable in the game. The features that will be available to you depend on the mod you use. For example, you can change the interior of your truck by using an appropriate add-on.

That being said, the devs created a new UI specifically for mod support. When you are in the lobby and are trying to get into a multiplayer session, you will instantly find out what mods are required to enter. 

You will know which mods are enabled, which ones you have, and which ones you currently do not have installed. The new UI is awesome because it tells you all of the mods you have on the left and all the mods the session is using on the right.

If certain add-ons are not yet installed on your machine, you will see an orange icon in the UI. But before anything else, there are two ways you can get them. You can either download them from the Steam Workshop or from third-party websites.

Now, if you have missing mods and they are available on the Steam Workshop, just download them via the Steam Browser without leaving the game. However, if the mods used in a session are not available in the workshop, you must download and install them manually from another source. 

Just remember that the maximum number of mods that a session allows at this time is 70. The devs understand that some may use more, so they are currently monitoring how this goes and they might make some adjustments in the future.

Improved Force Feedback

Another major feature added to Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the improved force feedback system. 

According to the developers, the system has been written from the ground up and will utilize a 120 Hz refresh rate. This improvement will make it feel like you are driving an actual truck when using an appropriate controller or steering wheel.

You can learn more about Update 1.42 on the game’s official Steam page.

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