Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.41 Finally Here!

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Steam

After weeks of testing in the open beta, developer SCS Software has finally released a new update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 . This patch unlocks a new multiplayer mode, new DLC, and more. So, what can players expect in Update 1.41?

Convoy Multiplayer

The biggest addition to the game is a new multiplayer game mode known as “Convoy.” Players can create private sessions where they can party up with fellow truckers from all over the world.

What’s great about this new game mode is that the time, weather, and AI traffic are synchronized for all players in the same private session. The new mode also supports the ability for players to take on the same jobs as others.

Right now, the developers have put a cap on convoy sessions to a maximum of eight players (the host included). However, it is worth noting that they might raise it in future updates, citing that it’s better to put a limit now as it is still a work in progress.

Limiting how many players can join in a single convoy may also help kick any troublemakers in the session more easily.

Here is a rundown of features in the new game mode:

  • Any player can host and create their own private sessions for up to 8 people
  • Ability to haul the same contracts/jobs together from the same company and to the same destination
  • Synchronized AI traffic (random events included)
  • Synchronized time and weather
  • Synchronized paint jobs, truck accessories, cabin accessories, cargoes, and more
  • Ability to communicate with other drivers via CB radio broadcast (X key), quick replies (Q key), or text chat (Y key)

Since the new game mode is still a work in progress, some features are not yet implemented and players may experience certain issues as well.

For instance, some AI-controlled vehicles may disappear when a player disconnects from the session. Also, the lifting bridges have not been synchronized yet and are stationary for now.

A24 Iberia DLC Addition

New road networks for Iberia have been added in the latest update as part of the game’s map expansion.

The Autoestrada A24 runs north to south across the Douro river valley, which connects to the A7 and A25. Players can marvel at the scenery as their trucks pass by the scenic region of Portugal.

Photo Mode

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Photo Mode Time and Weather Options
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Photo Mode Time and Weather Options Steam

It is a known fact that people love taking photos of their favorite in-game elements. Update 1.41 introduces new options for the Photo Mode feature where players can control weather and lighting conditions for that picture-perfect moment.

Update 1.41 Changelog


  • Convoy Multiplayer
  • Time and weather adjustments in photo mode
  • Quick Travel


  • A-24 Douro Road Addition to Iberia DLC
  • Iberia map fixes
  • Various road signs reskinned across Europe
  • Navigation sign reflection fix


  • New icons on the map legend

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.41 is now available on all platforms.

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