Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gives Us a Peek at Ryazan

See what the city can offer.
See what the city can offer. SCS Software

The upcoming DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is set to introduce players to the different cities of Russia. While there's still no release date yet for the Heart of Russia DLC, developer SCS Software is giving us a peek at one of the cities that's going to be featured. It's none other than Ryazan, the third largest city in terms of population after Moscow and Yaroslavl.

Ryazan is located near the Oka River and is seen as an industrial center and transport hub. The thing is it isn't a common tourist place to visit in Russia. Still, those who do take the time to drop by can experience various historic landmarks like cathedrals and other attractions like museums.

Speaking of museums, the city is actually home to The Ryazan Kremlin, one of the oldest in Russia. It's located on top of a steep hill and surrounded by rivers as well as a dry moat. Its importance has been recognized and is included in the State Register of Especially Valuable Objects of the People of the Russian Federation.

Truck drivers traveling to Ryazan for work can find different industries, such as a refinery, oil storage facility, sawmill, warehouses, and car dealerships. All of these can be found in the main ring road of the city where shopping malls and apartment complexes can also be seen.

Upcoming DLC

Russia is the largest country in terms of total area. It offers a wide range of landforms and climates, to name a few. Russia is also home to a rich history and cultural heritage. Features of the DLC include:

  • Explore the heart of Russia, Moscow, and even beyond.
  • Drive along and see amazing sights of the Volga and Oka rivers.
  • Feel the spirit of Russian history as you drive through centuries-old cities and pick up cargo at modern depots.
  • Get lost in the deep forests and in the open landscape of the European Plain.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has players drive their choice of articulated trucks across Europe. They will pick up and deliver cargo from and to different locations. As the game progresses, players can buy more vehicles and even depots. The game is available on PC.

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