ESL One Mumbai 2019: Dota 2 Teams Keen Gaming & Team Team Lead After Day 1

SEA Teams TNC and Mineski both in Decider's Match
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ESL One Mumbai 2019
ESL One Mumbai 2019 ESL One

Day 1 of the ESL One Mumbai 2019 is done and Dota 2 teams Keen Gaming and Team Team lead their respective groups.

Team Team kicked off the tournament going against Natus Vincere. TT swept Na'Vi 2-0 in a match that saw TT making use of most of the same heroes. For the two games, TT used Undying, Ember Spirit, Earthshaker, and Brewmaster. The only changes were Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao's picks, which was Sven for the first game and Lycan for the second.

In the same group, TNC Predator beat out compLexity Gaming 2-1. TT then faced TNC in the winner's match. In the first game, TNC initially took the lead, but a distastrous team fight around the 15-minute mark tilted the balance towards TT, who kept the lead. The second game finished a lot faster, giving TT a 2-0 win versus TNC.

For Keen, the team opened the first game for Group B going against local team Signify. Keen dominated both games, ending both at just around 22 minutes. Keen Gaming's Zhai Jingkai finished both games with zero total deaths.

In the Winners' Match, Keen Gaming went against Mineski who had Kim "Febby" Yong-min stand-in for Ryan "Bimbo" Jay Qui. The first game was all Keen, with Wang "old chicken" Zhiyong getting 12 kills on his Anti-Mage. In the second game, Mineski started out strong. However, missteps around 30-35 minutes in the game shifted the favor to Keen, who moved in to win the match.

With the respective wins, Team Team and Keen Gaming get the top seeding and are placed in the Upper Bracket. The seeding is important as being in the Upper Bracket means that a loss still gives the team a chance to fight their way back to the Finals. In the Lower Bracket, a loss immediately means elimination.

Day Two features the Losers' Match for both groups. For Group A, compLexity will go against Na'Vi, the winner of which will face off against TNC for a slot at the Upper Bracket. In Group B, it will be Signify versus Pango with the winner going against Mineski.

Playoffs are set to begin Thursday with Team Team going against whoever wins the Decider Match in Group B and Keen Gaming paired off with the winner of the Decider Match for Group A.

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