Escape Simulator: Initiate a Daring Escape from the Sheriff's Office in New Wild West DLC

Wild West DLC
Wild West DLC Steam

Escape Simulator: Wild West is now available on Steam. This DLC adds four new rooms, including the Sheriff’s Office, Saloon, Bank/Post Office, and Train. Of course, you won’t be playing in rooms inspired by the Wild West without matching clothes, no?

In the Wild West DLC, you will begin as an outlaw who spends time in the jail cell located at the Sheriff’s Office. Once you’ve escaped, you can head over to the Saloon, where you will have a chance of playing a card game with some appropriate piano music to boot.

After you’re done having a good time at the Saloon, you can then proceed to the huge train station, a place that offers postal and banking services. You need to do a couple of things here. The first is to learn where the packages are sent across the country. And second, you must enter the vault to get all of the valuables inside.

In addition, developer Pine Studio included an update that brought bug fixes to help give you the best possible experience when playing Escape Simulator. You can find the patch notes below:

  • Added rich presence for Graveyard and 70s Room
  • Loading to the second Tutorial room shouldn't freeze the game
  • Fixed UI glitches on Publish popup window
  • Items should not appear on top of options anymore
  • Turnable speed is now consistent on any FPS
  • Several fixes for French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Improve chat profanity filter: no longer as aggressive as before
  • Added option to disable profanity filter
  • Fixed turnable pieces and other pieces being pickupable
  • Removed memory leak when loading multiple levels in one session
  • Fixed bug where UI behind interactive object would take input
  • Added more skin colors
  • Fixed Santa's hat and Twitch's hat not being visible
  • Characters' colors in a co-op are much more consistent
  • Fixed scales in co-op
  • Fixed zoomable in co-op
  • Stop the timer when disconnected in the co-op
  • Voice beta tag removed
  • Redesigned zoetrope puzzle in Lost Spirits
  • Fixed eraser in The Office
  • Fixed mop in The Elevator
  • Fixed hints on The Office, Executive Office, and Cats in Time
  • Fixed throttle in The Helm
  • Pipes eventually sync if they desync in Space Walk
  • Fixed cannons staying open after firing in The Crew Quarters
  • Fixed look achievements with controller
  • Better dial handling on the controller
  • Better joystick handling on the controller
  • Fixing UX and UI for the controller
  • Added trail when moving the cursor with the controller
  • More solid interactions with "A" and "RT"
  • Two thumbsticks are interchangeable in various interactions
  • Fixed transparent plane repeats edge pixels
  • Only one matryoshka doll
  • Custom skybox seams fixed
  • The download texture button no longer overwrites old images
  • Fixed the 'Open UGC Folder' button for Mac
  • There are no longer weird lit lines in workshop levels

Escape: Simulator Wild West DLC is available on PC, priced at $4.99.

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