Escape Simulator: October 25 Update Introduces Trading Cards and Game Fixes

Escape Simulator
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Escape Simulator, developed by Pine Studio, is a first-person puzzle game where you go inside interactive escape rooms and see what's in store for you. It is fun, which is why it has a very positive rating on Steam.

That being said, Escape Simulator has a new update that introduced trading cards, as well as some bug fixes.

Trading Cards

If you have a knack for collecting items, there are a total of 10 trading cards that you can collect. In addition to that, you can also get three different backgrounds, new emoticons, and other exciting things.

Update Changelog

The game can be enjoyed solo, but you also have the chance to play with others in co-op play. Aside from the new content, the latest update has added some fixes in multiplayer. For instance, teleporting is fixed and should work as intended. A new chat option is now available that allows you to converse with your mates during play. This feature is also available in single-player in the form of a note.

There are some notable changes to the Room Editor as well. Items that are bugged before this update have been fixed. Previously, the Workshop UI may sometimes not work as it should. Now, you shouldn't experience it after it was resolved.

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Added chat option (can be used in SP as a note)
  • Fixed teleport in MP
  • Fixed notes in MP
  • Key Bindings: support for the exclusion of KeyBindingAction
  • Achievement fixes
  • Wind puzzle lever in Chamber of Danger fixed
  • Multiplayer optimizations and fixes
  • Fixed mouse bug on Mac
  • A lot of translation fixes
  • A lot of small audio fixes
  • New "House" props added
  • Fixed player save
  • Fix for zero duration & kinematics
  • Prop button UI caching
  • Workshop UI bug fixed
  • Prop tags upgrade
  • A lot of item fixes
  • Triggers fixed
  • New item icons added
  • Cabinet prop animations fixed
  • Moved starting camera position back a bit
  • Add item now has a consistent scale. Need to test all levels
  • Editor now start with a random room theme
  • Expand room with same theme floor/wall/ceiling
  • Consistent lighting on custom levels
  • Fixed buttons parented to the animated stuff
  • Disable autosave on play mode.
  • Ctrl-S saves room
  • Added option to delete room from UGC folder
  • Collider fix
  • Fixed card materials in editor that were glowing white

Escape Simulator October 25 update is now available on PC.

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