Escape Simulator: Steampunk DLC Now Available; Added New Rooms and Room Editor 2.0

Steampunk DLC
Steampunk DLC Steam

Escape Simulator: Steampunk is now available via a new update. This DLC adds four new rooms to the game that players can explore. Those who want to create their custom rooms will be happy to know that Room Editor 2.0 is introduced in this patch.

In Escape Simulator: Steampunk, players will traverse the steampunk airship known as Valor. They will begin at the Crew Headquarters where they will be awakened by a sudden explosion. Players should then proceed to the Engine Room and the Greenhouse while solving puzzles along the way. The ultimate goal is to reach the Helm Room and regain control of the airship.

Improved Room Editor

The developers also upgraded Escape Simulator’s Room Editor, which they call Room Editor 2.0. One of the most significant changes here is that players can now load custom models as props using the new model importer. This means they can either make their assets from scratch or import one from the .gltf file, essentially giving players lots of opportunities to create something special.

Other changes in the Steampunk DLC are:

Room Editor 2.0
  • Added Light prop, now you can add custom lighting and it comes with better performance
  • Added post-processing prop, change the ambient of your rooms
  • Added zoomable behavior, no more zooming to locks
  • Added scripting custom rooms using Lua
  • More flexible than the current setup, but your Lua programming knowledge is required
  • Added Custom Drag behavior specifically for scripting. It gives you more control over object interactions
  • UX tweak: Changed from behavior buttons to a dropdown (Button, Animation, Turnable,...)
  • Menu UI scale fix for smaller screens
  • Added Discord Rich Presence, show others what awesome rooms you are playing
Scripting (LUA)
  • Scripting props need to be enabled in the room config - only to view them in the menu, doesn't affect loading or saving
  • Exposed the Vector3 and Quaternion class for static methods
  • Now it's possible to Lua functions to chat so players can trigger them
  • Access to player IDs + teleport specific players
  • Importing a Lua object should now copy the Lua file as well
Custom Models
  • Collider dropdown added - None/Box/ConvexMesh/ConcaveMesh
  • Shiny material issue fixed
  • Cross-platform loading of custom models fixed
  • New event: LuaCallType.ChatCommand when players write "/something"
  • Vector/Quaternion exposed
  • New functions for players: getAllPlayers, getLocalPlayer, getClosestPlayer, getMainPlayer
  • New function for teleporting: teleportPlayer

Escape Simulator: Steampunk is available on PC for $4.99.

So, what can you say about the new things introduced in this DLC?

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