Erannorth Chronicles January 3 Update: Dynamic Journal, QoL Improvements, and Bug Fixes

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Erannorth Chronicles recently received a new update that introduces the new dynamic Journal system. Several improvements and bug fixes are added as well.

The old journal system was a pain to use whenever a new challenge is added. The developer or modder had to manually edit this file to add the entry, which sometimes led to conflicting content. But the new and dynamic system now updates entries automatically.

That’s not all. The new system also features a filtering system to help players sort available challenges. Having filters can be a lifesaver when more challenges arrive in the future.

The developer found an issue where Natalja’s Drain ability would target an ally if she automatically cast using right-click. This issue has been fixed in the latest update.

Erannorth Chronicles Update 1.030.2 - Highlights

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a couple of typos in cards and perks
  • Area interactions (ie. properties) could be used only once in Scorched Earth settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the ally Lenore Four Fingers loading from the save file as Lenore Four
  • Alt+Click hint will not appear in allies that have the default Defense/Retribution buff ability.
New Dynamic Journal System
  • You can open the Journal with J and close it with both the X and Esc keys. If the World is still generating a message that the Journal is currently generating will display instead.
  • Entries will show up automatically if the player meets their requirements.
  • Journal entries can be sorted by Level or by Location.
  • While filtering or re-ordering the journal the current tab will remain unchanged.
  • Filter preferences in Journal will persist across sessions.
Misc Additions and QoL Improvements
  • Alt+Click on the Enemy Intent will open the Rulebook in that Entry. Or show the Card in the Codex, if it is a card.
  • Playing a card's Discard effect will now give XP to the base card.
  • Added a Show Combat Log button in the Death/Victory dialog. (It's not possible to interact with the log at this point, just see its last entries)
  • Hovering over an Echo Action will show the Echo Action's name and its current target name. Clicking on the Echo Action will open its codex entry.
  • Expanded the flavor description of the Essence card to make its purpose clearer.
  • Hovering over a stat in the Character sheet will also display that Stat modifier.
  • Defeated Bosses in Gauntlet modes will always drop 1x Tome of Knowledge and 1x Tome of Greater Knowledge.

You can read more about the update here.

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