Epic Seven Introduces New Episode 2 Region, Waiting Room Feature

New region and new feature.
New region and new feature. Smilegate

Epic Seven has released the latest region for Episode 2, which has been dubbed "City of Starlight Constella." That's not all, as there's also a new feature known as "Waiting Room." Both of these additions went live on January 10.

New Region

The new region is Episode 2's seventh chapter. This city is home to those who worship the stars and those who keep on waiting for salvation. Located on Cidonia's southeastern side, this region offers ten main stages plus six optional ones. Players can enter this new region once they clear Episode 2.

There's also going to be 10 quests for players to complete. For those who manage to finish all 10 quests, they receive 50 Skystone. In addition, once players clear all stages in this new region, they're going to be able to get AP. AP can also be obtained by playing stages and exchanging them for items in the AP Exchange. However, players need to complete the missions in order to use the AP Exchange.

Waiting Room

So what's all this about the Waiting Room? This latest Quality of Life additions allow players to store any unused Heroes they have. Players can upgrade the room to let 150 Heroes be stored. This means that players can put all of their Heroes inside it. The only catch is that players won't be able to place ingredient Heroes. It's not just about storage, as the waiting room also allows players to manage the inventories of their Heroes better. To unlock the Waiting Room, players need to clear Episode 1, particularly Chapters 1 to 4. This shouldn't be too hard as this is the same condition needed to unlock Summons. Once access is available, simply go to the Lobby and then tap Hero, then Waiting Room.

In a statement, Smilegate Megaport’s Department Manager Sanghoon Lee said that they "are very excited to release the City of Starlight Constella to our players, in which Epic Seven’s Episode 2 continues to unfold."

New Equipment

There's also new Exclusive Equipment that has been added to the lineup and can be bought from the Exchange in the Hall of Trials. These include:

  • Achates
    • Weapon Name & Stats:
      • Untinted Heart
      • Health 7-14%
    • Skill Name:
      • Magic Design
        • Increases the chance to decrease Attack when using Magic Design by 25%.
      • Rapid Cure
        • Increase the amount recovered by Rapid Cure.
      • Curing Prayer
        • Increases Effect Resistance of the caster for 2 turns when using Curing Prayer
  • Sigret
    • Weapon Name & Stats:
      • Queen's Keepsake
      • Attach 7-14%
    • Skill Name:
      • Sever
        • Increases the damage dealt by Sever by 20%.
      • Sever
        • Increase the chance of inflicting bleeding when using Sever by 20%.
      • Smash
        • Changes the conditions necessary to activate Server when using Smash from 50% remainng Health to 75% remaining Health.
  • Shadow Rose
    • Weapon Name & Stats:
      • Shadow Wing
      • Effectiveness 8-16%
    • Skill Name
      • Spear of Darkness
        • Displels one more buff when using Spear of Darkness
      • Goddess of Ruin
        • Increases Combat Readiness of the caster by an additional 25% when using Goddess of Ruin.
      • Goddess of Ruin
        • Increases Combat Readiness effects of Goddess of Ruin by 5% each.

You can read more about the update here.

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