Epic Nerfs Fortnite Storm King Following Community Outbursts

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After getting complaints from its player base, the studio decided to nerf Storm King.
After getting complaints from its player base, the studio decided to nerf Storm King. Epic Games

The Storm King LTM is a brand new concept in Epic Games’ popular battle royale game Fortnite. By essence, it is a raid that lets you team up with other players to take down a massive boss and his squad.

The LTM, in particular, is arguably one of the most unique concepts the studio has added so far to the game despite the fact that it is not something new in this genre. Ever since its introduction, players have been grinding matches non-stop as they try to defeat the Storm King in an attempt to earn an elusive umbrella.

While it is true that a lot of Fortnite players are enjoying the seemingly possible to defeat challenge, others have been saying that it is a hard mode to complete. Those who are lucky enough to chance upon good teammates seem to love the boss, while others are simply feeling like they have to carry the team through an unbeatable PvE mode.

Players who have been playing the mode can really attest that it is a difficult one to win in Fortnite. Some players are not just able to understand the mechanics of the Storm King and, thus, they end up getting eliminated.

Epic Games eventually heard the complaints of the community, causing the developer to decide to nerf the boss. The studio reportedly reduced the damage threshold in all areas, from horn HP to weak points, and total HP, among others. The new, reduced Storm King HP will now help players get through the mode with ease. Of course, some would argue that it is not exactly an exciting thing to hear.

Epic also implemented a hotfix for the damage and it should be live now. It holds true that the mode is really challenging, which is why completing it is a rewarding experience. Either way, fans who have complained about the mode’s difficulty have certainly acquired what they asked for.

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