Fortnite Brings Back Fortnitemares In Latest Update

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Fortnitemares is back.
Fortnitemares is back. Epic Games

Fortnite is bringing back Fortnitemares and it's coming back with a vengeance. The new update also introduces the new Storm King LTM. Meanwhile, Fortnite Creative has some new items to enhance gameplay.

Battle Royale

Let's start with what's coming in Battle Royale. As mentioned, Fortnitemares is back. The item shop now offers Soccer Zombie Outfits and the Storm King Fist Pickaxe. There is also the Cryptic Curse Bundle, which gives players the Wrath Outfit and Time Keeper Back Bling along with Challenges to complete in order to unlock style options.

It's the Cryptic Curse Bundle.
It's the Cryptic Curse Bundle. Epic Games

If you're feeling a little courageous, take a look at The Final Reckoning Pack. This includes the Catrina Outfit, the Mourning Glory Back Bling, the Willow Outfit, Dolly Back Bling, Blacklight Outfit, and Indigo Wings Back Bling.

Then there is the Storm King LTM, which rewards you with a special Umbrella when you manage to stop the Storm King himself. There is also the 2v2 showdown Gun Fright which drops you in the middle of a fast-paced firefight and tests your skills and communication.

Meet the Storm King.
Meet the Storm King. Epic Games

Save the World

With Save the World, Fortnitemares brings the Fortnitemares Llama, which drops Haunted Heroes and Black Metal weapons. Also arriving is the Dire Ninja which summons the power of the night with movement speed boosts and energy cost reduction during the evening and night cycles. Details include:

  • Standard Perk: Night Stalker
    • During evening and night, increases Movement Speed by 25%.
  • Commander Perk: Night Stalker +
    • During evening and night, increases Movement Speed by 50% and decreases Energy Costs for abilities by 50%
Dire Ninja is here.
Dire Ninja is here. Epic Games

Finally there is the Ghost Pistol, a slow-firing pistol that shoots spectral ammo. This ammo can pass not only through walls, but even enemies. New items are also available beginning October 30 until November 6.


Fortnite Creative offers players new items, which include:

  • Teleporters
    • Teleporters are placed around the island and function as quick portals.
  • Item Granter
    • This utility device grants or clears player inventories.
  • Quickbar
    • Save the prop, device, or combination of multiple objects to a slot to allow for quick access on future use.
  • Attribute Trigger
    • This new trigger device checks certain attributes of the player that sent the signal to determine the outcome.
  • Perception Trigger
    • Allow line of sight or directional look to signal a trigger.
Jump around the map.
Jump around the map. Epic Games

Read more about changes coming in Fortnite Creative here.

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