Ensemble Stars!! Music Launching Spring-Themed Campaign Tomorrow

Get ready to take on new events.
Get ready to take on new events. Facebook/@Ensemble Stars Music-EN

With the cold and snowy winter almost over, it's time to prepare for a warm and bloomy spring. In Ensemble Stars!! Music, there's going to be a spring-themed campaign which features a series of exciting events and attractive prizes to make everyone happy. This campaign starts tomorrow, January 17, and runs until February 6. During the campaign, players can claim 2,000 Diamonds, the Limited Scene, and even more bonuses through logins.

One of the events is the Embracing Spring event where Producers can meet idols, get greetings, or even obtain gift boxes. To do this, visit various places of Ensemble Square with invitations obtained by clearing Idol Work and Live with BP or buying with Diamonds. Producers also have the option to pay 10 visits at a time and get random greetings from idols and rewards quicker.

By joining this event. Producers can obtain five kinds of Neon Signs: S/T/A/R/ ☆, cheering items for the Starry Stage. Once all five types of Neon Signs are collected and the "STAR ☆" completed, Producers can cheer on the Starry Stage once. When the cheering times reach a certain number, players receive rewards.

By the way, the drop rate of Training Items during this event is three times higher.

Spring Fair

Another event to look forward to is the Spring Fair, where Producers can get one free lucky dice by daily log-in or buying them in the shop. By rolling the lucky dice, the idol steps forward on the map to win prizes on the corresponding square, which includes a special Spring-Themed Note TYPE and DIA Scout Ticket.

Whisper of Spring Scout

The Whisper of Spring Scout event runs from January 17 to January 31. For this event, there's a Limited Event Cards with a higher dropping rate. These event cards are only available in this time-limited scout:

  • 5-Star [Ballad of Spring Tales] Izumi Sena
  • 4-Star [Bouncing Spring Moon] Nazuna Nito
  • 3-Star [Captivating Spring Breeze] Kaoru Hakaze
  • 3-Star [Walk with Spring Steps] Souma Kanzaki

Ensemble Stars!! Music is a music idol training game available on Google Play and App Store. The game won various awards like the User's Choice Game of 2021 on Google Play and the Best Music Game Worldwide in the Sensor Tower APAC Awards 2021. Learn more about the game here.

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