Embracer Group Acquires Numerous Studios, Including Tripwire Interactive and Limited Run Games

Eight developers have been added to the publisher’s huge list of studios.
embracer group
Embracer Group has added eight additional companies to its portfolio, including Tripwire Interactive and Limited Run Games. Embracer Group

The publishing company Embracer Group announced an acquisition spree, with Embracer confirming eight different studios now joining the fold under its various operative groups and publishers. In addition, a new group called Embracer Freemode has been established, focusing on six broad and diverse business market segments, including retro/classic/heritage gaming and entertainment, game development and production, devices, gear, and collectables, community and e-commerce, new idea and technology incubation, and production services.

Here is a list of the developers and studios that will now operate under the Embracer Group brand:

  • Bitwave Games – the studio is well-regarded in the indie space, and their latest project involves bringing Toaplan shoot ‘em ups to PC as well as publishing NES classic platformer Gimmick! on consoles in the west.

  • Gioteck – the gaming accessory brand is now also under the Embracer Group. Gioteck is best known for its line of third-party controllers for PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and mobile devices.

  • Limited Run Games – the physical games retailer has also been acquired by Embracer through Freemode. Limited Run is best known for its limited physical releases on various independent titles, all packed within special and premium collections.

  • Middle-earth Enterprises – with this acquisition, Embracer now has access to the vast intellectual properties of The Lord of the Rings franchise. However, it’s worth noting that Embracer’s listed opportunities for the studio only relate to additional movies, and it’s unsure if this studio will branch to other games as well.

  • Singtrix – the music and audio products manufacturer best known for its wireless karaoke microphones and other music products.

  • Tatsujin – a Japanese studio led by Masahiro Yuge, who is best known as one of the founders of Toaplan, an iconic arcade games studio.

  • Tuxedo Labs – acquired under Saber Interactive, the studio of five is best known for its work on Teardown, a voxel-based destruction game.

  • Tripwire Interactive –  another acquisition under the Saber Interactive brand, Tripwire is best known as the studio behind the Killing Floor and Rising Storm series. Tripwire Interactive also recently developed Maneater, a shark-PG, and holds its own publishing division called Tripwire Presents.

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