Ember Knights: Players Can Now Mod Their Weapons in Latest Update

Weapon Customization Update
Weapon Customization Update Twitter/@TheEmberKnights

The latest update for Ember Knights is here, and it is a big one. That’s because it is now possible to improve your weapons using weapon mods.

To customize weapons in Ember Knight, you’d have to defeat the Phantom boss in the Haunted Village. After that, the NPC called Mechanical Arms Robot Variant 1N or Marvin the robot will be unlocked.

Marvin the Robot
Marvin the Robot Steam

Marvin grants your weapons with different traits and bonuses to match your desired playstyle. For instance, you can attach the Leap mod on the Rift Hammer to let perform a leap attack if that is your thing.

Weapon Mods
Weapon Mods Steam

Each weapon in the game has three modification slots. For you to unlock their full potential, you need to acquire some Ash. This can be obtained from defeating enemies affected by Praxis’ buff during special encounters.

Aside from being able to put mods on weapons, the latest update also adds an option to kick players during a game. This feature can be found under the Gameplay tab in the settings. This is great when you encounter unruly players and those who don’t cooperate.

Here are the other major changes in this patch:

  • Share your weapons! If ANY player in an online game has a weapon unlocked, ALL players will be able to use it.
  • Access your mods! Players with Modding unlocked can access their Mods in any online game. Freely equip, unequip, and unlock new Mods!
  • Saving your progress! Ash acquired and Mods unlocked in online games are saved to your local file.
FEATURES (Based on Player Feedback)
  • Steam Achievements
    • Our first batch of achievements is in! We’ll continue to add to the list as we work towards 1.0.
  • Respite Rooms
    • To give you a little breathing room, we’ve disabled the run timer in starting rooms, healing rooms and shops.
  • To accommodate some recent improvements, we’ve made the following changes to stats:
  • Removed the Crit DMG stat
  • Updated the values for MaxHP (2/4/6 to 5/10/10)
  • Broke out each stat into their own room type
  • Changed the color of the Crit Chance % gem to yellow. Updated the stat icons in the UI, including matching the gem color
  • Removed collision from small rocks
  • Adjusted aggro move speed for all enemies. Increased for small enemies like Craven and decreased for big enemies like Wolf and Forlorn
  • Lowered stun value (100 to 20) to align more as a jobber
  • Slightly increased move speed
  • Slightly decreased HP

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

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