Ember Knights Enemy HP Scaling Reduced in Multiplayer in February 2023 Update

Ember Knights
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Ember Knights is an action roguelite best played with friends. That’s why folks at Doom Turtle Studios encourage more people to play the game in multiplayer by reducing enemy HP scaling in the February 2023 Update.

In this patch, enemies in Ember Knights still get tougher as more players join a session. However, the amount of HP that they gain per additional player has been decreased. This means that players will only have to land fewer hits than before to defeat their foes.

Aside from that, those who are annoyed by the music in the Mimic King room will be happy to know that the volume is lowered in the February 2023 Update.

For fixes, the bug that prevented the proper button icons from showing up when using different controllers has now been squashed. On top of that, the issue where players could get stuck on a black screen before the opening cinematic begins is now fixed.

Patch Notes

  • Made the snowy Nexus turn on and off based on the date
  • Updated the weapon info and mod screens for 6 weapons
  • Fixed a few bugs that were causing some scenarios where players couldn't roll-cancel
    • Ember Blade’s third attack: can't roll during weapon attack
    • Razor Wind's third attack: can't roll during weapon attack
    • Guardian Bow's Volley mod: can't roll during cast animation
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an occasional crackling sound
  • Fixed a few bugs related to enemy shadows causing issues
  • Fixed a bug that was moving the player during certain cutscenes due to a camera clamping issue
  • Fixed a bug with the Steadfast Citadel’s minibosses where they could end up out of bounds
  • Fixed a few issues where enemy projectiles could spawn out of bounds
  • Fixed a few bugs responsible for players occasionally getting stuck with Knight’s Charge
  • Fixed a bug with Hypercharger that was causing lag
  • Fixed a bug with Rakklings and Rakknids spawning and not being able to be killed in the Skrixxa Za boss fight
  • Fixed a bug with Hypercharger that was allowing it to jump during certain cutscenes
  • Fixed a few visual issues with Barrier Pendant in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a bug that would have the player’s shadow disappear after beating the game
  • Fixed some minor spawning issues with various enemies
  • Fixed a bug with Ember Blade’s Fortune mod that was giving the same relic instead of a random relic
  • Fixed a visual issue that was causing the transition visuals to stay on the screen after exiting to the main menu during a room to room transition
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from equipping the energized weapon skin with their mouse

Ember Knights February 2023 update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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