Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Developer Finally Fixed One of the Game's Longstanding Issues

Update 15.02 Frontier Developments

One of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's long-standing bugs is finally fixed in Update 15.02. The bug in question has something to do with Rotational Correction.

Rotational Correction (RC) is a feature in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey that helps your ship move with the space station while you are inside its docking bay. While it's meant to give you an easier time, the feature was not working as intended prior to Update 15.02.

You see, if the feature was enabled, your ship's thruster strength is reduced significantly until Rotational Correction is turned off. This is problematic if you're flying a ship with weak lateral thrusters as you could drift sideways rather than stop like you normally would with RC on.

After several months, game developer Frontier Developments has finally resolved this issue. More specifically, some unintended changes to ship flight characteristics in situations where Rotational Correction is active won't happen anymore; so now, RC should work normally.

The issue with Rotational Correction was not the only thing resolved in this update. You can find the other notable bug fixes below:

  • The Frontline Turrets that protect ground troops have had their repair timer increased to 10 minutes (up from 2 minutes).
  • Fix implemented for a crash that could occur when opening the Livery UI.
  • Fix implemented for a crash that could trigger when opening the Squadron Allegiance UI.
  • Fixes implemented to address several crashes that could be caused when coursing around Thargoid Maelstroms.
  • Fix implemented for a crash that could trigger when dropping into a Thargoid Maelstrom in multicrew.
  • Slight adjustments have been made to the tactics used by various Thargoid vessels, so that they don't become ineffective at dealing with targets in locations that ship won't willingly navigate such as the crevasses along the structure of a Titan.
  • Fix implemented for Reboot Missions failing if a player logs out and loads back in.
  • Fix implemented for plasma weaponry not dealing the correct damage to Thargoid Revenants.
  • The galaxy map icon for the Maelstrom systems has been updated to that of a Titan icon.
  • Fix implemented for an issue whereby Thargoids could stop spawning during multiplayer AX conflict zones.
  • Fix implemented for unexpected scrolling of the Fleet Carrier POI list when accessed with a non-mouse input.
  • Fix implemented for the Glaive not correctly utilizing its anti-guardian effect when in conflict zones around planetary ports.
  • Fix implemented for the Glaive occasionally clipping into the Titan during combat.
  • Fix implemented to address the ability to use the camera suite to clip inside the Titan.
  • The Titan's missiles can now chase locked targets for a longer duration.
  • Fixed trespass volume positions to allow larger ships to dock without violating them.
  • Fix implemented for some VFX occasionally persisting in a multiplayer instance around the Titan.
  • The Revenant no longer occasionally clip into buildings.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 15.02 is available on PC.

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