The Elder Scrolls Online: Update v8.2.6 Fixes Quest Issues, Makes Tribute NPCs Smarter

Update v8.2.6
Update v8.2.6 Twitter/@TESOnline

The Elder Scrolls Online got a new patch recently that fixed various issues introduced with the launch of Update 36.

Update v8.2.6 resolved a bunch of quests in Elder Scrolls Online. In the Hidden Lord quest, for example, the issue where the Garden Key was hidden beneath a rope when searching the dungeons in Garick’s Rest has been resolved.

If you’re a fan of the Tales of Tribute mini-game, you might be wondering why the majority of the foes you've encountered there haven't offered you much of a challenge. Well, the developers have probably discovered this recently, which is why they’re making Tribute NPCs a bit smarter now. Perhaps, it’s best that you revise your strategies first before sitting at the table, don’t you think?

Patch Notes

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where several Druids were wearing the incorrect outfits.
    • Fixed an issue where the gold portions of the House Mornard Motifs would turn green if dyed blue.
  • Bankers in Vastyr will now offer proper services.
  • General
    • Fixed an issue where petting a certain cow could give you meat, leather, or guts. It doesn’t work that way.
  • Furnishings
    • Fixed an issue where the “Firesong Spring, Basalt” achievement furnishing had incorrect visuals when viewed from very far away.
    • Updated a number of new craftable furnishings that you can sit on to have the appropriate “Sittable” tag in their tooltips.
  • General
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the delve boss of Embervine, Druid Rerlas, to not respawn after being defeated.
  • A Sea of Troubles: Fixed an issue where there were two map pins for Dhulef on the step to talk to him.
  • An Eye for an Eye: Fixed an issue where an interaction with a hiding spot would sometimes appear below ground.
  • Helpful Handbills: Fixed an issue where handbills were not properly aligned with the walls.
  • Shaky Job Prospects: Fixed an issue where Hierot could walk away from his initial conversation if spoken to quickly.
  • The Dream of Kasorayan: Fixed an issue where Druid Avien faced the wrong direction when discussing the stone tablet with Kasorayan’s final dream.
  • The Hidden Lord
    • Fixed an issue where standing in a specific spot during the quest step “Search Knight Commander's Private Chamber” could cause the map compass icon to change rapidly.
    • Fixed an issue where Druid Laurel would examine a rune-less column after declaring “Those carvings! Definitely druidic.”
  • The Ivy Throne
    • Fixed an issue where you would sometimes not be ported out at the end of the quest.
    • Fixed an issue if your character died on the quest step “Return to Vastyr,” you would not be routed back to the correct location upon resurrecting.
    • Fixed an issue where Lady Arabelle Davaux’s stance was far too casual for someone in the heat of battle.
    • Fixed an issue where falling off the boat would not properly display how to get back on it.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update v8.2.6 is available on PC.

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