The Elder Scrolls Online: Housing Improvements and Ability to Hide Pets Added in Update 36

Update 36
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Does your system have a hard time running The Elder Scrolls Online, especially in areas where there are so many things around? Well, new features have been added in Update 36 that may alleviate that.

It is now possible to hide other peoples’ pets in ESO, thanks to a new feature in Update 36 called “Limit Followers in Towns.” When enabled, it will hide the pets of other players while you’re in high-traffic objects in the game, such as basic crafting stations and daily writ bestowal boards. The hidden pets will reappear if they get into a duel or engage in combat while near the affected objects.

Some housing improvements have also been implemented in this patch. For instance, visitors now have access to the Browse menu’s Retrieval tab, allowing them to modify or change the positions of all currently placed items in homes if they have the appropriate permissions.

Furthermore, you can now cycle through different objects using the Tab key while in the Housing Editor’s selection mode. This makes certain actions easier to do like selecting books in bookcases.

Here are the other notable changes made in this update:

  • Added a display in the upper righthand corner, under the currently tracked quest, identifying the name of the current home, the homeowner, and the current number of visitors.
  • You can now share links to any of your homes via Chat or the Guild Message of the Day!
    • Links to your homes can be created from the Collections menu or from the House Information panel shown while in a home’s Browse/Inspection Mode.
  • Furnishings intended to hang on walls now align more naturally with surfaces, aligning flat to the surface instead of embedded sideways in the surface.
    • Several hundred furnishings were adjusted to use this new tech across a large range of furniture categories, most notably Art, Banners, Mounted Decor, Paintings, Sconces, and Shelves, to name a few.
  • Armory Stations have been added to the portal Keep locations for each alliance in Cyrodiil and in each sewer entry in Imperial Sewers.
  • A new accessibility setting is now available that will let you have the game narrate what is said in text chat channels out loud. This setting is off by default, and you can toggle it on by navigating to the Accessibility menu in Settings, then setting “Narrate Chat” to On. From here, you can also adjust the voice volume, speed, and type. Note that Accessibility Mode does need to be enabled for this option to be available.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 36 is available on PC.

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