The Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr And Update 22 Now Live Across All Platforms

Featuring the newest class, Necromancer.
Bethesda has released the latest Update 22 and Elsweyr for The Elder Scrolls Online.
Bethesda has released the latest Update 22 and Elsweyr for The Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda

Bethesda has announced that the newest update for The Elder Scrolls Online is out now, and we’ve got all the new stuff covered right here.

You can now continue your favorite dragon adventures in the latest chapter, The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr¸ along with the features of the latest massive free base-game patch – Update 22. Players will be able to enjoy finding new zones, stories, and even have an additional class they can master.

ESO: Elsweyr has its very own story, but it also continues the Season of the Dragon adventure, which started from the Wrathstone expansion. This chapter focuses on the struggle of the Khajiit to protect their lands from invaders and beasts.

The latest chapter includes a lot of awesome new content to look forward to, such as:

Khajiit-centric chapters

You will be able to explore Anequina, the northern region of Elsweyr. In Anequina, you can see dusty canyons, rich moon-sugar fields, rainforests, and dry grasslands. This is the lands of the Khajiit, and here you will uncover the remains of their ancient culture. Aside from having new side quests, you will also be able to roam around and discover awesome locations. However, you must be wary for the dangers surrounding this region. There will be new World Bosses to defeat, Public Dungeons to conquer, and Delves scattered everywhere.

The Usurper Queen Euraxia now holds power over the great northern city of Rimmen. Her forces of the undead continue to rise and grow, making it hard for the defenders of Elsweyr who are scattered throughout the zone. What’s even worse is that the Dragons stalking the skies are cooking up an alliance with Euraxia. To defeat the enemy and drag down the Usurper Queen from her throne, you must hold hands with local and even foreign allies. Your journey will not end once you finish this mission, as this story is simply a part of the Season of the Dragon adventure that will continue for the rest of the year.


A new class has come for you to master. You can now become a Necromancer, who manipulates souls of the deceased to empower yourself or even your allies. The Necromancer has access to a set of Skill Lines to attack the enemy, strengthen your defense, and heal wounded allies. Mastering this frightening class will take a few nearby corpses to power up your abilities. Keep in mind that you must train carefully, because necromancy is taboo in Tamriel.

Now that the Halls of Colossus are open, Dragons can freely attack from above. As you explore the regions of Elsweyr, you may encounter Dragons in the main story and in Dragon Hunts within Elsweyr’s Trial, the Sunspire. These legendary beasts are threatening to burn the ancestral homelands of the Khajiit as the scattered defenders stand no chance against them in their current state. If you want to defeat a Dragon, you need powerful allies and you must act as one.

Three Dragons inhabited the great Temple of the First Cat, one of them introducing himself as the avatar of Alkosh. This all new 12-player Trial will let your team fight the three Dragon’s followers and halt the self-proclaimed Gods’ plans. There will also be boss fights with unique rewards for the courageous challengers willing to stand up to Nahvintaas, the golden Dragon.

Once you travel to Elsweyr, you can either explore the zone with an existing character or a new one that must go through a new tutorial first. There are no level requirements for this adventure. If you choose to travel with an existing character, you can use the Rimmen Wayshrine by simply opening the map, selecting the Elsweyr zone, and then selecting the Wayshrine icon.

You can start your quest even before arriving at Elsweyr. All you need to do is navigate to your Collections UI, select Stories, and then select chapters. In that menu, select Elsweyr and take the first quest entitled ‘A Rage of Dragons’ to begin your adventure.

Now, on to the newest base-game patch, Update 22, which will bring players more features, some tweaks, and improvements.

New System: Guild Finder

A Guild Finder tool has been added to help players join a guild or recruit members for one. If you are the Guild Leader, you can use this tool to promote your guild to the other players for them to know the kind of guild you have and the kind of members you need. There are those who can’t seem to find the perfect guild that suits them. If you are one of those players, you can use this tool to search for a guild and filter it based on your needs. The guilds can be filtered by activities (PvP, Trials, Trading, Roleplaying, etc.) and play style (casual, balanced, or hardcore). The guilds can set Alliances, Champion Point requirements, and even roles. This system makes it easier for guilds to find suitable players to join them.

Cyrodiil: Weapons Artifacts

Update 22 introduces another new system that will shake Cyrodiil: Weapon Artifacts. During an Alliance War campaign, a powerful weapon will randomly appear in the PvP zone. The first brave warrior to take and wield it will gain a powerful new Skill Line. Learn more about the costs of these new abilities through the tutorial for Volendrung, the first Weapon Artifact.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr is available in a total of four editions, which includes the Standard Edition that you can get for $49.94, the Collector's Editions for $79.99, and Upgrade Editions for those who already own the Elder Scrolls Online base game for $39.99 and $49.99.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr is now available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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