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I was pretty excited for Elden Ring to be officially revealed during the Taipei Game Show, however in the wake of the coronavirus, the event had to be unfortunately canceled. Since then, we haven't had any news or updates regarding the game either through leaks or from FromSoftware themselves.

Nevertheless, in this modern technological age, not everything remains top-secret and some interesting news regarding Elden Ring has come to light. The game is reported to not run on the Unreal Engine 4, however, this does not mean that we aren't going to see massive improvements compared to previous FromSoftware titles.

The leaks for Elden Ring appeared on the ResetEra forum, where a user going by the name Omni revealed some information regarding the game. Omni said that Elden Ring will not be based on Unreal Engine 4, but will be using the previous engine that FromSoftware has been using for its popular games.

"[L]ike I said before, its running on the same engine, not UE4, contrary to bogus 4chan rumors. There have been some upgrades, the exact extent of which I'm not sure of," Omni stated in the post. "But of course changes and improvements needed to be made to accomodate for the different type of structure, systems and design."

Although Omni did not go deeper into the details of Elden Ring, such as a release date or plot, the poster did talk about the technical abilities of the game. The ResetEra member said that since Elden Ring will feature a day and night cycle, the current Dark Souls engine wouldn't be enough in creating dynamic weather. However, FromSoftware hasn't given up on this challenge. Instead, they have made some major lighting improvements to the current engine to make it viable.

Omni went on to add that this improvement in the engine doesn't necessarily mean that Elden Ring will automatically run at 60fps on consoles.

In addition to that, Omni also said that since both Bandai and FromSoftware haven't uttered a word about Elden Ring, the game doesn't seem to be launching in the planned June 2020 release window. Nevertheless, we'll keep you posted as soon as we learn something new about the game.

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