Elden Ring Making An Appearance At Taipei Game Show In February

Elden Ring
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FromSoftware has been around since 1994, releasing games like King's Field, and Armored Core on the PlayStation. After FromSoftware released Dark Souls, the developer quickly gained a serious reputation. Soon, the company went on to release Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which won Game of the Year award at Game Awards 2019. Now, it is starting to look like Soulsborne fans will get to see more of the developer's latest game, Elden Ring, at Taipei Game Show next month.

FromSoftware is credited for popularizing a new genre of gameplay, where players have to use their reflexive prowess and stamina management to take down toughest foes. At the same time, it also brutally punishes players when they mess up. While this system seems comparatively simple, it's popularity soon exploded and today other AAA games like Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have employed similar mechanics.

Although we know that FromSoftware is currently working on Elden Ring, not much is known about the game itself. All we really have to go on is that the developer has teamed up with George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones. Elden Ring was initially announced via a short trailer at E3 2019, leaving all of us speculating as to what the game could be. However, FromSoftware has now decided to remove the shroud from Elden Ring and show more at Taipei Game Show, which takes place from February 6 through February 9.

The only sad news is that Elden Ring won't be showing off any gameplay elements, but we are expecting at least some form of a trailer. Elden Ring has been in development since 2017. FromSoftware's president, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has also said that Elden Ring is an evolution of Dark Souls. Considering this, we cannot be more excited to know what changes the acclaimed developer has made to the classic Dark Souls combat formula.

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