Elden Ring Player Defeats the Game Naked: One-Handed Using Brass Shield

A lot of players in the community have defeated Elden Ring in the most ridiculous way possible.
A lot of players in the community have defeated Elden Ring in the most ridiculous way possible. Twitter/@ELDENRING

The Lands Between in Elden Ring is home to a collection of great shields, such as the humble buckler, Twinbird Kite Shield, and Jellyfish Shield. But perhaps the most popular one, and with really good reason, is none other than the Brass Shield. Not only is it the heaviest medium shield at seven weight, but it also offers you 100% physical guard. And, oh, it also gives you a stunning 84 attack rating when bashing heads.

The aforementioned reasons are probably what urged Twitch streamer Sivicks to use the Brass Shield in beating Elden Ring . If you think that is impressive enough, wait until you hear the fact that he accomplished this, too, by only using a single hand. It took him seven hours of repeated attempts to finally outplay the game. Pretty impressive indeed.

"There it is!" Sivicks exclaimed after finally defeating the FromSoftware game. “We did it.”

Sure, using a shield and a single hand is already impressive. In fact, calling it as such is an understatement, but Sivicks wanted a little more challenge (as if it was not challenging enough already). He basically completed the game at level one, with his stats limited and he could not even equip a weapon or armor. His character is essentially naked, with only the Brass Shield equipped. While his character should not have any issue using both hands, the streamer opted to go for a single hand on a DualSense controller to bring his Tarnished to victory.

According to Sivicks, he completed Elden Ring after 40 to 45 hours of gameplay. He said, too, that his run was really challenging at first but as soon as he got used to playing one-handed, “everything went pretty smoothly.”

Gamers trying to defeat remarkable challenges on punishing titles like Elden Ring is nothing new. Last year, another player defeated the FromSoftware title using a piano as a controller. There seems to be a section in the community that just loves defeating the game in various ways.

If Sivicks can defeat Elden Ring with one hand, then for sure you can, too, using both hands and a sword.

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