Elden Ring Voted the Most Completed and Most Quit Game of 2022

Elden Ring most completed and most quit game of 2022
Elden Ring most completed and most quit game of 2022 Twitter/@ELDENRING

It is no secret that 2022 is Elden Ring’s year. FromSoftware’s latest game just exploded into the mainstream, winning the hearts of players across the globe. But like any other FromSoftware title, it has a love-and-hate relationship with its players.

According to one set of data, Elden Ring was the most completed game of this year. Interestingly, though, the same source suggests that it is also a game with players who are very likely to abandon it before even reaching the end. Well, that is a typical FromSoftware game right there.

The latest game from the Dark Souls creator is a tough game to beat. It heavily focuses on mystery, lore, and tons of boss fights. The main difference between the game and other titles from the studio is that it has a true open-world feature. That is why it easily bagged the title of being one of 2022’s most acclaimed best-selling games.

The open-world aspect of Elden Ring is a huge reason why a lot of players who are new to the Souls-like formula gave it a try. Not only did it let them avoid harder areas and return later, but it also gives players a sense of adventure. And so far, the design did pay off tremendously.

The data suggests that the game is one of this year’s most completed titles, with at least 6,000 users reporting they have played and completed the massive open-world RPG from FromSoftware. Without question, that is an impressive number, especially when one looks at the runner-up titles on the list. Stray (a game about a futuristic cat), for instance, boasted nearly 4,000 users. Next to it is Pokemon Legends: Ring from Game Freak and Nintendo.

But perhaps the most important part of the data is the fact that Elden Ring is also the most “retired” title. Basically, the word “retire” means that players have given up on the game, whether it is permanent or temporary (meaning, players would still return to playing the game later). While it is true that only 267 site users reportedly find the game too much, that is still more than double of the second-place Tunic ’s number of retired users.

Elden Ring is the top game of 2022 in various categories too: most reviews, most backlogged, and longest game. This definitely says a lot about the game and its beauty. Despite being released all the way back in February, it remains one of the most played games of today.

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