Eight Things You Should Know Before Buying Doom Eternal

DOOM Eternal
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Doom Eternal is just one week away from bringing hell to earth. The game is one of the most anticipated games of 2020. The original Doom reboot that launched back in 2016 offered a unique FPS experience and id Software has only ramped everything that worked in Doom 2016 up and are adding much more to deliver a phenomenal experience. Here are eight things you should know before buying Doom Eternal.

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Brand New Demons

Doom Eternal New Demons
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Although players will get to see some classic demons making their way back in Doom Eternal, there are also a bunch of new demons waiting to be slain. One of them is called Whiplash, a demon that forces the players to be on a constant move to avoid taking damage.

Set On Earth

DOOM Eternal Earth
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Doom 2016 took place on Mars and Hell, and Doom Eternal sends the Slayer back to Earth to decimate every demon destroying the planet. From all the gameplay trailers we have seen for Doom Eternal, it is safe to say that there are going to fallen buildings, ravaged streets, and bloody rivers flowing through the world.

Samuel Hayden Returns

DOOM Eternal Samuel Hayden
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Samuel Hayden was the main character in Doom 2016. Even though the man lost his life to cancer, he has transferred his memory into a cyborg. Hayden constantly communicated with the Slayer throughout Doom 2016. Well, it seems that Hayden made it back to Earth and we might confront him in Doom Eternal.

Bigger Than Doom 2016

Doom Eternal Bigger
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Doom 2016 had a roughly 13-hours long campaign. Throughout this 13 hours of gameplay, you are constantly ripping and tearing through everything that stands in your way. Doom Eternal is reported to have a 22-hour long campaign with the prime focus on, of course, ripping and tearing, but also solving puzzles.

New Weapons

Doom Eternal New Weapons
Doom Eternal New Weapons Reddit

Most weapons from Doom 2016 will be returning to Doom Eternal, but they will be slightly modified. Additionally, there are a few new additions that completely change how the Slayer takes on the raging demons.

More Lives

Doom Eternal Extra Life
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I don't disagree that Doom 2016 was rather hard on Ultra Nightmare difficulty as players had to respawn at the nearest checkpoint after dying, and have to play a particular part of each level all over again. This is no longer going to be the case in Doom Eternal. Instead of sending you back to the nearest checkpoint, you will have multiple lives to assist you.


Doom eternal battlemode
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Doom 2016's multiplayer wasn't very unique and was not received well by fans. Doom Eternal is introducing a new multiplayer mode called Battlemode, which will put the Slayer against two player-controlled demons.


DOOM Eternal Invasion
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Invasion is also another multiplayer mode that allows players to invade another players' campaign as a demon. Invasion will not be available in Doom Eternal upon launch, but will arrive as a post-release DLC.

Doom Eternal launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 20.

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