Edge Of Eternity To Exit Early Access In Spring 2021, PS4 Physical Version Also Announced

Currently available on PC via Steam.
Dear Villagers will launch Edge of Eternity out of Early Access in spring 2021.
Dear Villagers will launch Edge of Eternity out of Early Access in spring 2021. Dear Villagers

Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Midgar Studio have just announced that the Japanese-inspired role-playing game Edge of Eternity will soon be launching its version 1.0 and exiting Steam Early Access in Spring 2021. Edge of Eternity is set to release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at around the same time.

Set in the world of Heryon, Edge of Eternity is a story-driven, role-playing game that tells the story of a young soldier who is destined to save the world. Years ago, the arrival of a mysterious alien force in Heryon ultimately plunged the planet into an endless devastating war where both magic and technology have been unleashed and utilized to their worst. The story begins when the invaders, in a despicable act of war, released the Corrosion, which is a fatal disease that deforms and corrupts all living beings into misshapen abominations. It is here where the player character must now rise to the occasion and face his destiny to change the fate of Heryon for the better.

Edge of Eternity takes inspiration from classic JRPGs and implements a story-driven game with turn-based combat and advanced customization and crafting features. Currently in its Early Access state, Edge of Eternity already offers five chapters out of the planned eight, a story-driven Chapter Zero prologue, and over 30 hours of gameplay. There are also four human companions and one furry friend to unlock throughout the game, each carrying their own story lines, skillsets, and strengths. Five dungeons filled with loot, lore, and the history of the world of Heryon, 12 boss fights to test the player's skill, and finally, over 120 items to discover, craft, and collect all await players in Edge of Eternity.

The game's current roadmap details the development of the three remaining chapters, which are as follows:

  • November 2020 - Chapter VI: The God's Herald
  • Q1 2021 - Chapter VII: A Message from Beyond
  • Spring 2021 - Chapter VII: The Ascent and Release.

It has been confirmed that GS2 Games will also be distributing a physical edition for Edge of Eternity on the PlayStation 4. Pre-orders are now available at retailers for $39.99.

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